Happiness Is .. The Love of Parents

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Doesn't seeing this image leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling ? We often take our parents for granted and oversee the sacrifices they have made to ensure that their children are comfortable.  

'Unconditional' - it appears to be the only apt word to describe the love a parent has for their child.  As my Mum puts it - she loves all her children even the ones who give her grief (clearly that's not me). 

I've taken to spending the mornings chatting with my Mum - getting to know what her plans are or what she thought of the last movie that she saw.  I realise now as I write this post that I 'spoke' to my Mum almost every day whilst I was travelling for the summer (and that's something I've never done in all my years of travelling)..  

I reckon she deserves a vacation ! Hopefully I can take her somewhere she wants to visit in 2016.  

Don't forget to drop your folks a quick hello by email / text / phone call or give them a hug if you happen to live at home or if you are in their neighbourhood.