It's A Hallmark Holiday

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Say what ? A Hallmark Holiday ? You must be wondering what drug I’m currently on … The day that couples and lovers gush over each other and shower one another with gifts, chocolates and whatever else that is deemed romantic.

valentines day

p.s if you haven’t guessed – it’s Valentine’s Day  .. but really and truly it’s just another day which has been overly commercialized and I’m not trying to be cynical here .. when you get down to thinking about it – it is in fact a commercial day.

Earlier today I read a post titled  ‘Cupid’s Price Tag’ and I could completely relate to it – it’s as if the author read my mind and wrote down my thoughts.  The way the way prices rise during the week of Feb 14th is unbelievable – and I’ve noticed this across countries over the past 10 years..  Restaurants double (if not triple their rates) for a 3 course meal; flights get more expensive; the same gift sets you see available tend to go up in price during Valentines .. it’s really a very commercial day.

I’m a spontaneous person and I don’t need a specific date in the calendar to tell me when I should show and exaggerate my affections to someone – when really – I could do it any time, any day of the year.  Shouldn’t we be able to do that without being pressurized into making this one day so ‘perfect’ ?

What are your thoughts about this ? Do you think V-day has become a commercial day ? Do you feel any sort of pressure to make the day somehow stand out for your partner if you are in a relationship ? Or are you the type that doesn’t really feel the need to celebrate Valentines day ? I’d really love to hear your thoughts on this. 

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