Are You Fruity Enough to Grow A Fruit Tree ?

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Growing up between London and Dubai – we were lucky to have a massive garden at home and it’s something I really miss out here in Bombay.  Such a simple thing – of being able to take a walk around in your own garden … which is probably one of the reasons I had my birthday party at my grandparents house which has a huge garden and sea facing !

apple-pickingIn London – we had a really nice landscaped garden with a lot of fruit trees.  The apple trees were my favourite that bore juicy plump green apples (and also substituted for a ‘tree house’ for many trees). 

In Dubai – we had a mini fruit and vegetable market growing in our garden ! There was the vegetable patch which had tomatoes, carrots, onions, basil (or Tulsi as Indians know it), Neem, and even some bamboo plants (feng shui obviously)  but my favourite part of the garden was going to the Blackberry tree (or maybe it was Blackpicking_black berries beauty mulberry tree) and picking off the fruit and eating it right there !!

My aunt’s country house in Norway was always a delight because she would let us go out in the garden and sometimes into the woods so that we could pick fresh strawberries and blueberries – to make our own jam out of it !

I wish I had a garden out here … I’d definitely plant a few fruit trees (although I’d probably have moved by the time they actually bore any fruit) … I’ve seen the way fruits are sold here in Bombay – all packed up on the street / market area with flies, insects and lord knows what else around them and it gives me the shudders.  It’s actually scary that people eat it !! I make sure to scrub the fruit until my hands ache just to make sure all the germs and pollutants are off them !

Are you a fruit person ? Have you ever eaten home grown fruit or vegetables ? If you had a garden – what fruit or vegetable would you grow ?  Have you ever tried to make your own fruit jams at home ? Any fun recipe you’d like to share ?