Cosmetic Laser Treatments On The Rise

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If I could have joined the bandwagon of people using laser treatments for cosmetic purposes 10 years ago (for me specifically laser hair removal) – I would have ! Alas my mother at the time wanted to see these treatments ‘tried & tested’ on others before she let me get anything done.

This might be a bit too much info but I’m going to share it regardless.  A couple of months ago, I went in for my first ‘cosmetic treatment’ – which was laser hair removal for my underarms … and honestly, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made !!  I’ve had 3 sessions and the hair growth has reduced by 80% and that’s awesome !! For someone like me who doesn’t like to have body hair and has confessed to waxing being a guilty pleasure – this has been nothing short of a miracle for me !

Nowadays, all I see in the papers or any online emailers that go out are all promoting various cosmetic laser treatment whether its targeting women (and men) for laser hair removal; people who have Acne scars and want to get rid of them by way of spa therapy and laser & light treatments that may or may notYoung woman receiving laser therapy combine photodynamic therapy (PDT).  Over the last 8-10 years there’s been a large increase in the number of adults seeking acne treatments and most of them go in for laser treatments.

Just yesterday I was reading about non-invasive laser treatment to reduce Melasma (I had to look that up) on Asian skin offered by company called Reveal Medspa; and then saw an offer online for microdermabrasion to ‘lighten the skin’.   Basically melasma is a very common patchy brown / tan facial skin discoloration that happens to women aged 20 – 50 years old (particularly those who are pregnant or on the pill)   It tends to appear on the cheeks, upper lip, forehead and chin; there are over the counter medications and creams that can be used to help reduce the melasma; and for more severe cases, it can be treated with chemical peels / exfoliation, microdermabrasion and laser therapy. 

At least I learned something new today (and maybe melasma is the reason my mom never wanted me to get on the pill hmmm) … What are your thoughts about cosmetic laser treatments ? Have you ever had anything done such as laser hair removal or any sort of chemical peels ? Would you consider getting one done ?  Would love to hear your thoughts on this.