Mr 'Too Much Too Soon' Guy

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Since I’m sharing my dating diary with all of you lovely readers – let’s go back to May when I met this guy who sounded pretty perfect on paper – with all the qualities / criteria that made up ‘my type’ of guy … 6’1”, broad shouldered, trim build, and a fab dancer to top it off ! The two of us come from the same professional background which meant that he also ‘got’ my job and ad-hoc hours involved.  We shared great chemistry; he was totally into me and he preferred to call rather and SMS ! (woohoo no SMS for dates unlike the doctor ! )

A short whirlwind fling is the best way I can describe it .. but every fling has to come to an end ..

How It Began

Let’s just say that him and I were the only ones on the dance floor after the entire wedding party had gone off to bed. We kept chatting in the balcony of my hotel room and he eventually leaned in to kiss me.

We were both in Goa for a few more days and he made it a point to call me every day (a few times even) to make plans to meet up; which we did and it was all good fun.

We hooked up – sooner than later Couple-in-Bed-Copy(don’t judge me now). What could have / should have been a long weekend fling actually evolved into something else. He introduced me to his friends and work colleagues within the 1st week of us hooking up once we were back in Bombay.

The guy was totally into me and honestly it was quite refreshing to be around someone who I was also attracted to and who wasn’t afraid to express himself (and by that I mean there was a lot of PDA) My girlfriends met him and they thought ‘great guy’ and I should definitely make things work … but ..

There was something ‘off’ and I couldn’t put my finger to it. My girls on the other hand, thought I was being very cynical – however I’ve learned how to ‘out’ a person quite quickly.

So What Was The Problem

The first time we hooked up, he asked me ‘where I saw things going’. Now this would have been fine if had been dating over a few weeks but this was the morning after the 1st hook up !! (see – it’s not just women who want to know where things lead to). I actually had to tell him if we could wait to put our clothes back on before such a heavy conversation ! (that should have been my 1st clue)

Fair enough he introduced me to his mates, but one of the nights we went out together – a very chauvinist side appeared which didn’t impress me very much.

About a week into the unnamed relationship status –datingnews05 he asked me again about what direction I thought things were moving in and wanted to know if we were exclusive or not. I told him I’d prefer to go with the flow and not give a name / status to whatever we were sharing however if we were to get our groove on – then it would be exclusive.

The following week, he dropped the ‘L-Bomb’ on me ! That’s right folks, he tells me that he loves me !! And my reaction was to laugh ! (not a mean horrible laugh but more of a ‘you are joking right’)  Yeah I laughed, and told him with as straight a face as I could – that he did not love me, he may like me a lot, even lust after me but he definitely didn’t love me the way he claimed to.

The week after that – he bailed out – two nights in a row and then I never heard from him (for almost a month !).  No reason at all.  Maybe he thought I’d pursue him.  Maybe he just didn’t care (or maybe it was ‘cos I laughed at the L-bomb)

Diva’s Verdict

A case of ‘too much too soon’ and I reckon he didn’t quite know what he wanted. Must not have helped that I laughed at his declaration of love. It’s not that he’s a bad guy but since his disappearing act, he deleted me from his FB but kept me on his BB & Gtalk (where he proceeded to put up constant updates about the the love of his life).  A little childish don’t you think ?  (the deleting me part not his love updates)

On second thought, maybe he got back with his ex (he does have her name tattooed on his back)  Overall, I’m cool with the fact that he’s moved on – a heads up would have been ideal – but it looks like he pulled a fade on me.  Oh well … such is life ! I can live with that.

Side note : he has since sent me a few BBM messages in July and I bumped into him in August; said a courtesy hello after he came up to me and then zoomed off in my car like a good girl.  Oh and I’m off his BBM list now as well.