5 Reasons To Love Hotel Sex

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This is one of those posts that I had drafted out God-only-knows-how long ago; I kinda forgot about it but then found it again sitting in the drafts and decided it was worth posting.  It was inspired by my blogger friend Simone Grant.

The funny thing here is that I was sooooo positive that her original post was about reasons to love hotel sex .. So wrong !! Her post is actually titled 5 Reasons Why I Hate Hotel Sex !

Now that I’ve had a chance to re-read her original post, I am still more inclined to love hotel sex than hate it – although I can get where she’s coming from.  My business partner carries her own towels (and pillows if she could). 

1/ It’s not at home ! which means you’re getting MORE of it ! No one knocking on your door (God bless the person who invented the DND sign); no phone calls to answer! Vacation = Great Sex. Anywhere and everywhere in the hotel room (and outside). Plus points if it’s a suite – even better !

2/ Breakfast in Bed (and Room Service too). There’s something super sexy about waking up to a ready breakfast in bed (and eating it off your partner!). 

3/ Naughty Weekend. Play out your naughtiest mnaughty kitoments and no one will be the wiser. For all you screamers out there – this is your time ! Fantasies. Role Play. Need I say more ??? If I know I’m staying at a hotel with my significant other – that’s the time to pack all the toys (or go out and buy them if you don’t already have them) ‘cos it makes for a nice surprise !  I recommend this ‘Naughty Weekender Kit’ – compact and yet it’s got everything you need for a good time !

4/ The elevator gets you in the mood ;) All the necking, nuzzling, teasing can start right there.  Haven’t you noticed that you tend to lose your inhibitions once you enter a hotel (knowing you probably never have to come back there) I’ve done the deed in the elevator of my old apartment block – and it was hot !

5/ Someone is gonna clean up after you ! After a naughty romp all over the room, bed covers thrown around, towels on the floor – the last thing you want to do is clean up – and that is why I’m so grateful to those in house keeping ! (make sure you leave a generous tip if you are going to be super messy !)

These are just some of the reasons I love hotel sex … what about you ? Love it or Hate it ? Don’t forget to share your comments below ‘cos it’d be interesting to know what you think about it !