Holi Festival of Cannabis & Colours

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Yup you read that right folks.  For those of you unfamiliar with ‘Holi’, it is a popular spring festival, also known as the 'Festival of Colour' which is celebrated across India as well as in countries across the globe that have an Indian population.

I’ve been in India for 3 years now – but only celebrated once back in 2009 and that turned out to be a bit of a colourfornication event ! Last year I decided to avoid the celebrations altogether as it turns out as much as it was fun to go let loose and go a bit mad with friends, I really didn’t like the part where I had to keep scrubbing myself raw to get the colours off my skin !!

P3200138This year a few of us decided that we were going to go out and celebrate.  Now I’ve never had bhang’ before and decided that I MUST try it this year.  Bhang is made out of the cannabis plant and normally mixed with cold milk and served.  My mate NB & I went off to this temple (yup it’s available at temples) in Babulnath and found ourselves walking into this lane (in tiny shorts mind you) to an old aunty who was selling them out of plastic bags !

Turned out to be a bit of a mental party at someone’s apartment garden in Worli.  For a house party event – it was fabulously done and the event planner in me couldn’t help but smile and congratulate the hostess for a really great party.

There was a ‘gola’ (flavoured ice) bar; a ‘bhang’ bar stocked with hash brownies (yes it’s the only time of the year that this is legal in India); the alcohol bar; the food station; a kick ass DJ;  a small wading pool filled with coloured water and a 15 x 15 flat tent to give shelter from the sun.

P3200150   P3200188P3200159          P3200189

Now in all of the fun & merriment of the day – turns out that I was the only one who wasn’t ‘buzzing’ in any way from the copious amounts of ‘bhang thandai’ (a concoction of cold milk, almond, spices & cannabis) and  hash brownies that I had consumed.  How sad is that ??

Although I was told by my friends who were getting their buzz on that I should be grateful that I was not seeing my life unfold as a film reel and that I wasn’t seeing religious scriptures on the walls that eventually led to paranoia.

Hope you all had a Happy Holi if you were celebrating !!


Classic NYer said...

That sounds absolutely fantastic... I'd heard a little bit about this festival, but I don't know much about it... Thanks for sharing and thanks for blessing my page!

Namz said...

Whoa..would love to attend such parties :)

Dazediva said...

@ Classic NYer .. its a bit crazy during Holi; if you have any Indian friends you should try to join them next year if you don't mind getting a load of colour on you !! (that may not wash off for a few days hehehe)

@ Namz .. fun right ?? next time I go - will send you an invite :) or you can have your own 'Holi' party hehehe

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a blast!! and talk about it being a small world.. if Im not mistaken, you were partying just down the road from where I live!! Palm Beach on Pochkhanwala, right?

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. no way !! that's where I was !!! my grandma lives on sea face !

Anonymous said...

@ DD - Take me tooo next time...Damn cool idea, that tent! I am still tanned in various colors - look like a rainbow forced upon some brownie :P

@ Ve - you are backkkkk! Did you get married? where have u been? Did you play holi?

That reminds me - all of my "work" day yesterday was verrry productively spent on 'What the fade just happened' ... Brilliant!
In all that excitement, I may have texted someone - "Pls learn to say goodbye before you say hello next time" - all izzz well, all izzz phew

I hope the 3 of us meet someday, maybe we already have!

Purplepatch :)

Anonymous said...

@DD- when you've lived somewhere all your life, doesnt take you too long to recognize the buildings :)

@purple.. me? I was always here.. DD got busy and the frequency of her posts dropped, but I still pop in every now and then. where the hell have you been???

Dazediva said...

@ PurplePatch .. you're back !!! woohooo !! I was wondering how I was ever gonna find you again !!

I can't believe you sent that text message ! good on ya !!

and yes can't wait for us all to meet IRL one of these days :)

@ Ve .. I'm trying to keep up with the frequency :P sorry that my job got in the way .. you know had to just get a few people married and throw a few parties for others .. :P

Can both of you join Twitter for some other mad convos :P

Scoop Dogg said...

Of course I celebrated, although I had no idea of this day's existence until now. But it does sound like something to put on the bucket list.