Music Monday #22 Flo Rida – Low

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Needed something to really pick-me-up since I’m down in the dumps with a cough, cold and congested nose  .. and funnily enough I ended up picking a track that says ‘low low low’ …. but at least I like the song and it brought back memories of my girlf SA who’s in Singapore now … this one is for you babe =)

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Anonymous said...

awww babe!! where do I send the chicken soup?? sounds like you're run down from all the work! :)

Lol the song brings back a lot of memories for me too!! Overnight, an entire generation of hormonal guys went from using crude adjectives to more sophisticated ones like 'apple-bottomed jeans'!! ;)

Namz said...

Hope you're feeling better DD. Happy MM!

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. vegetarian remember :P I am pretty run down; and the sad part is that I'm not getting any rest - it's peak season which means things are super hectic for me !

This is a wicked tune .. I like how you've put it .. hormonal crude guys turned sophisticated ... hahaha .. in my case it would be apple bottom capris :P

@ Namz ... thanks for the sweet thought :) feeling much better than the other day

Anonymous said...

really? ur a veggie? giving your penchant for trying everything under the sun, I would have never figured!!

Capris or jeans.. doesnt matter! As long as they're apple-bottomed, you get my vote! :D

Nisha said...

Good song, good choice! ;) i wanna dance.. hehe.. thanks for visiting me at nishas world and have a happy MM :)