Christmas Karaoke Anyone ?

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Last year as all of us friends were getting into the Xmas spirit, we decided to try our hand at some karaoke holiday songs (not the carols) .. it ended up being quite funny because not everyone (including myself) knew the lyrics / tune of the songs .. and coincidently at a party I was at earlier today – one of the topics in conversation included how it’s a rarity amongst the general community that people aren’t in very ‘festive’ moods …

From the way I see it – those who aren’t raised celebrating Xmas (by way of religion, and exposure) – don’t quite ‘get into it’ as compared to someone who has grown up really celebrating the holiday.  I’ve grown up surrounded by friends who celebrate Xmas despite spending the majority of my childhooxmas karaoked was in a desert country.

I used to be in the school choir – and hence had to learn all the holiday songs.   And I recall my music teacher playing Christmas Karaoke tunes just so we could all get used to singing the festive songs.  T he last few days, certain friends like NB managed to tune into radio stations that kept playing Christmas songs … which brought back high school memories.  She’s one person who definitely enjoys karaoke music =) 

I will digress for a just a second - we’d gone to my mate HS’s place a few months ago who has a great CDG player for karaoke – and everyone had a blast … after all for that night we were truly rock stars !  We’ve had some fun nights just ‘killing it with karaoke’

I’ve always wanted to get a karaoke player for my house – but alas never got around to it .. with all the countries I have shifted across over the last few years – didn’t make sense to do that.  I used to visit this site - – that has great portable players and sometimes I think ‘damn I should have gotten one of them’ !  Maybe if I put that on my Christmas Wish List for Santa – I might just get lucky and get one *hint*hint*friends*hint*hint*Mum !

Do you have any special holiday family traditions for Xxmas ? What do you tend to do over the holidays ? Have you ever gone caroling ? Or would you rather perform some Christmas karaoke by the fire place ?