Sexy Saturday – Jason Statham

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He’s lean, mean, and super sexy !! HIs tough bad ass image and engaging screen presence –not to mention the sultry British accent – all combined make Jason Statham oh-so-desirable !

He’s best known for his role as Frank Martin from The Transporter series jason statham 4(I could watch those movies over and over again .. but I digress).  This bad boy prefers to do majority of his own driving stunts (have you seen the way the man can handle a car ??? I wish he would handle me even once!!), fight scenes and aerial stunts – including the scene where he was hanging from a helicopter in Crank !

He made his debut in the hit ‘Lock, Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels’ and followed it with successes like ‘Snatch’, ‘The Italian Job’, ‘Crank’, ‘Death Race’, and most recently  ‘The Expendables’.

He’s got my Sexy Saturday, Sexy Any Day vote !!!

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Anonymous said...

You make it hard to fault your taste!! :) I loved him in Snatch especially!! While I dont think I'd want him to handle me, he definitely gets my vote for Sexy Saturday!!

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. woohoo !! JS is one of my fave actors :) Something about the whole bad boy in a suit who can handle a car ;)