Knitted Dissections

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I came across this blog post ‘Dissected Frogs Never Looked So Cute’ by Diana Adams, CEO of Adams Consulting Group on ... and it wasn’t quite the post I expected ! (then again I suppose that’s what makes people read a post huh)

How many of you had to perform a dissection in Biology class ? What did you have to dissect ? And would you ever want to experience THAT again ?  I had to dissect a goat’s heart and a rat – and I would NEVER want to even look at something like that again !!! I would try to make any excuse to get out of Biology dissection classes !

Somewhere out on Etsy – a company, CraftyHedgehog dissects frogs, rats, bunnies and alligators … all through the art of knitting !!  Yup – you read that correctly – dissection by knitting !  If you buy one of these knitted dissections – it comes pinned down in a pan just like you in Biology class ! 

frog1 knitted-dissection (8)[2]

I suppose these are meant to be taken with a pinch of salt and meant to be funky & creative … but it doesn’t really catch my fancy … and frankly it kinda creeps me out … I guess I’m just not that creative … but I can see why it might appeal to all the knit-fans out there … it’s got more appeal than just a yarn of string ! 

On a more positive side – if teachers started using something like this during Biology class – it could prove useful – particularly for those students who can’t stomach actually dissecting an animal (like me !) … what do you think ?

What about you ? Does this kind of art appeal to you ? Would you gift this to someone ? or just buy it for fun ? Do you think it could be used in schools as a teaching aid ?

[Image Source: Amusing Planet]


Praba said...

it is super creeeepy! i can't stomach dissection classes too,but i would prefer this to real animals in lessons. And no, i would not gift something like this...too weird and creepy.

Dazediva said...

@ Praba ... ditto - I couldn't decide if these were cute or creepy ... definitely a much more suitable alternative to actual live dissections ... nor can I think of anyone I would gift this too (unless they were planning on being a doctor or hard core knitting fans)