Can You Run In Your High Heels ?

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I came across these very interesting / funky / not-so-conventional ‘heels’ by Nike whilst browsing online, and I thought to myself … ‘damn – is one supposed to run in those ?’

nike sandals Nike-SB-Dunk-High-Heel-Blue-Black-Do-The-Dew

I know I can run in my heels – but for very short distances – after all I’m an events planner and my job involves running round even in cocktail dresses ! 

Turns out that last year there was a race organized in Charleston, USA called the 1st Annual Stiletto Stampede, to benefit the MUSC Children’s Hospital. This race was created to raise awareness and support of pediatric patient care at the hospital.  The rule was that everyone who participated had to wear 3 inch heels !

But those are the regular heels that ladies would buy.  I’m still not too sure about the Nike Dunk High Heels shown above.  Would you buy a pair of high heels that looked like sneakers ? Or would you buy sneakers that had stiletto heels ? 

I know I would be a bit weary about buying something like this … I just don’t see how practical they would be … and personally – I don’t like any high heels with closed toes – they hurt my feet :(

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Anonymous said...

super interesting this is!!
if only they could get a nice designer, make it more "wearable" (peep-toed, better colours, et al.), i might, just might, go for these! :P

ugly, useful or otherwise, one thing's for sure, they must be mega comfortable! yea? :P

PS: this post made me realize all the fun i had been missing on your blog. this is my "come-back" post/comment!! ;)


Anonymous said...

Guess you should run with your toe part of shoe :) there by decreasing chances of falling down and to run faster .. jus a suggestion :)

Dazediva said...

@ Prutha ... welcome back !! considering that this is made by Nike - I'm sure they've got the air cushions to make the heels more comfy .. I did read somewhere that they were using the patented air technology on the heels to make them more 'wearable' lol

@ Adisrika .. welcome to my blog :) I reckon the only way to run with these shoes would be to run on the toes hehehe

bluedreamer27 said...

oh i have heard about this Stiletto running contest on tv...
anyway... i am excluded here hahha

well good thing bout these ladies.. they are there not just to give fun but also they are runnning for a good cause

purplepatch said...

I saw this band baaja movie recently & its all about wedding planners & thought of you soo much... Have been meaning to come back & holler ... howdy girl!

interesting post, as always! Short skirts' definetly out with those :D

Dazediva said...

@ bluedreamer27 .. actually the race mentioned in the US, men can participate too but they have to wear 3 inch heels hehehe and it's always nice to add a twist when giving to charity :)

@ PurplePatch .. was wondering where you have been !! and I have no way of getting in touch with you either :( .. Funny you mention 'BBB' as I got interviewed recently on in conjunction with the movie release LOL

and yeah a short skirt would definitely suit these heels ...