Sexy Saturday – Bradley Cooper

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Bradley Cooper, is probably best known for his role in ‘The Hangover’ …he was also in the movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’, The A-Team and ‘Valentines Day’  and this 6’1 green eyed hunk has Irish and Italian genes mixed in him .. I really do like my Italian men ;)

bradley_cooperI want him – so hands off him !! He can be on my A-Team anytime :P so definitely got my Sexy Saturday vote =)

He come into my tub anytime !!! oh wait I don’t have a tub but still … that’s what interior decorators are for !

Does he get your vote ?


purplepatch said...

absolutely drooooolworthy!!!

Bradley*hottie*Cooper - good choice

He starred in SATC way back and I have been drooling ever since *batts lashes*..I almost considered getting a tattoo.

I am willing to trade Mcdreamy, Mcsteamy and Chuck for tis one gorgeous gift of god

ps:- I have a tub, hah!

Dazediva said...

@ PurplePatch ... ooooh yes he is *big fat smile on my face* ..

I have to find that SATC episode, did read about that ... and don't rub it in (literally) about the tub .. I can just see you getting it ready with a bubble bath and putting Mr Hottie in there !!

p.s can I watch ?? hahahah

purplepatch said...

Ofcourse you can watch. Wheres the justice if there is no proof that the tub was reasonably occupied. You think I should sell tickets haha

BTW SATC Season 2, episode - 'They shoot single people, dont they' - on my 'TO DO' list tonight :p

Anonymous said...

lol.. I usually dont comment on Sexy Saturday's that feature men.. let alone on comments that are obviously BY women.. FOR women.. but heck, save a ticket for me too, girl! ;-)

Dazediva said...

@ PurplePatch .. tickets are a great idea .. include front row with ability to give a soapy back rub and I'm sure you'll be minting money !!

@ Ve .. you know you just want to watch a very wet PurplePatch in the tub :P

p.s I need women to feature on my Sexy Saturdays !!! I don't know any women ! :( except Rhona, Olivia and Halle (go and check them out already)

Anonymous said...

lol.. its a lil rude to blow one's cover, dontcha think?? here I was trying to be all subtle about it!! besides... I didnt think you were the type to just sit on the sidelines and not get your hands dirty.. so purplepatch AND daze?? now thats value for money!! Infact I'm even willing to spring for the jello.. just in case! ;-) LOL

Anonymous said...

Women to feature on Sexy Saturday's? Apart from the usual hotties everyone's used to??
1) Elisha Cuthbert
2) Susan Ward
3) Keely Hazell
5) Rachel Bilson
6) Mila Kunis (more cute than sexy.. tho she hasnt aged too well)
7) Sophie Marceau
to name just a few...

purplepatch said...

aww Ve *blush* - front-row seats for you, always my knight!

@DD - I finally had a good nights' sleep - Thanks for this post ;)

Anonymous said...

@purple.. mademoiselle is too kind! Tho I will gladly relinquish the 'front row with ability to give a soapy back rub ' seats for one with a better view instead. As hot as Mr.Cooper may be, I really dont think lathering his back with suds is quite gonna do it for me! lol :P