Music Monday #16 No Mercy – Please Don’t Go

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My best friend left back for London today.  And the only words I could say to her were ‘please don’t go’. 

I feel like a chunk of my soul has been ripped out of me right now.  The two weeks she was here visiting felt like a brand new life line for me; and whilst the days just merged into each other – suddenly it’s gone by way to fast – and I’m almost back to where I started. 

There are very few people who make a difference in our lives .. and she is one of them.  DA is my soul sister, my dancing & dating diva, my confidante and a ‘true’ friend. 

This song seemed apt to use for Music Monday.   However since I’m absolutely clueless when it comes to song names / lyrics – it might be too cheesy (even when I hear it now – it comes off as that LOL) … but you see my point .. ‘please don’t go’ … If you can recommend any other nice ‘friend’ songs – that would be great – at least I can add to my current collection.

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Anonymous said...

this used to be a favorite during my school days. and i remember singing/listening to this for some very close friends...


PS: for the life of me i cant think of any friend songs...but the minute i do, i will send em across! :)

Anonymous said...

as cheesy as it may sound now, this song was quite the rage back in the day! :)
you wont believe it but i actually googled them after your post, wondering what happened to them ;P


Anonymous said...

My God!! where the hell did you dig this video up from?? absolute fav during my school days too!!! Ranked way up there on my mixed 'favourites' tape that we used to get made at Heera Panna for 100 bucks!!!

lol.. infact its a common joke/song within our group even now when someone is leaving.. we sing either this or another golden oldie (John Denver classic) from waaaay before our time.. 'leaving on a jet plane'!!

Anonymous said...

oh and as far as 'friend' songs go... not really much of a market out there for that kind :) but since we're getting all nostalgic here .. these are a few tracks from back in the day that go down well with the funk that you're in!!

1. Just another day - Jon Secada
2. Linger - Cranberries
3. Always - Bon Jovi
4. Runaway Train - Soul Asylum
5. How am I supposed to live without you - Michael Bolton

and about a 100 more... but the Grammy for this genre by far goes to.... (wait for it!)...

Missing - Everything but the girl!! Think this song is exactly what would define your mood!!

Reminisce and enjoy!! :)

Anonymous said...

oh and before I forget... the 'Please dont go' song by Haddaway which was probably just as popular as the No Mercy track back in '94-95... atleast for us! :)

Dazediva said...

@ Prutha .. this was quite a tune back in the day LOL we really do need a list of tracks that hold some sort of significance .. i.e. Friends' song, lovers song, break up song, just wanna have fun songs lol I'm so bad when it comes to lyrics that I wouldn't even know .. although I have done a few posts with my fave tracks (not #MM) but in more depth

@ Ve .. ahh looks like we're still on the same wavelength ! don't ya just luv that ! hehehe

Mixed Tapes ! haaa ! I'm trying to recall how hard it was to record on cassettes back then .. damn ! if you asked me now, I doubt I'd be able to do it ! hahah

I luv 'Always' by Bon Jovi - I can belt out a mean karaoke version of it ;) and Michael Bolton - Can I touch you there !! hahahah scandalous track ! my mother would cringe when she would hear it ! hahaha

Anonymous said...

yup... deinitely sharing the same vibe :)

Frankly I loved making my mixed tapes.. 107.1FM used to dole out the top nos on the both the US as well as the UK Billboard charts back then.. so I would record from the radio, edit out the ads.. and then master my own mixed favs tape!! ah the good old days when you had to work for your music.. unlike now where you can rip pretty much anythin off the net!!! and i think every mother worth her salt cringed at 'Can I touch you there' back then... forget mom, I used to voluntarily switch channels when it was playin on MTV if she was in the room!!

PS.. Im not sure I wanna be around to hear your rendition of Always.... put it down to this human trait we call self-preservation! ;) just kiddin! I'm sure you sing great! :)

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. I used to enjoy making my mix tapes too; until I discovered CD mixes and then that too evolved to burning tracks off the net !

I reckon if I had to play that MB tune again I might just cringe a lil' bit LOL

And FYI - I was one of the lead solo singers in school; and in the choir too :P so I won't burst your ear drums or break glass ... but I can definitely sing ! :P

Anonymous said...

talk about a lot in common! I used to win all the singing competitions in school meself.. till the family jewels dropped.. and I went from a perfectly pitched soprano to a horrendously uncontrollable bass overnight!!! a very defining moment in my life indeed!! LOL have managed to make a decent comeback tho so singing is still very much a part of me.

Interesting tho.. you.. a choir girl? convent educated? hmmm... sounds like ringside seats at Not just Jazz when you make ur next visit would be quite entertaining! :D

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. hahahhaah I can't get over that line 'till the family jewels dropped' hahahahhaha

Didn't go to a convent school (they would have thrown me out !!); went to an international school and music was always something I have been interested in .. even took it as a subject for my IGCSE (I play the piano too btw) ... so singing was only natural :)

Although these days I'm more shy to sing (and for the life of me I don't know why) .. but a few drinks and you can convince me to hit the karaoke (and I won't make anyone cringe)

Anonymous said...

play the piano? or play'ed'?? ;-) The reason I ask is coz my sister studied the piano upto the 6th Grade from the Trinity College of London back in school.. and hasnt touched a piano since!! I on the other hand, didnt have the discipline to practice as much as required, so moved to a variety of stringed instruments before I realized that only the piano allowed me to play both the melody as well as the harmony at the same time... which made the keys my instrument of choice! So while I'm not that great at scales and arpeggios, I do just fine at playing contemporary songs that I can sing along to.

Oh and for someone musically inclined, havent you heard.. its not good to blow your own trumpet!! Let me be the judge of the cringe factor, will you? ;)

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. ah but monsieur didn't you read that I said nowadays I am shy to sing :P so I'm hardly tooting my own trumpet .. in fact I need a few drinks before I can even get the nerve to sing in front of people LOL the last house party had karaoke - and I managed to score decent points i.e 65-79 (nope didn't hit 80) on most tracks .. and the glass didn't shatter and no one ran away ! hahaha

I still play - but not regularly at all anymore as my piano is at my grandparents house and I have no where to put it in my house :( I wish I played more, but work has consumed me :(

Anonymous said...

Div! where the hell did you find this song from? lol.
Miss you too but try Boyz II Men: Please dont go. :-)

Anonymous said...

awwww mademoiselle.. I know you werent tooting your trumpet..just couldnt resist ragging you! ;)

and speaking of piano's.. would you know of a good tuner? or better still, someone willing to buy a baby grand in a miserable state?? lol! Not sure if it can be considered an antique.. made in the 1940's! I've moved on to a Yamaha PSR series..only 5 octaves.. but since I'm more into Clapton than Chopin, it more than serves my needs! Do let me know if you have someone who can service my piano. Thanks :)