Music Mondays # 11: Tasmin Archer – Sleeping Satellite

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This tune is such a classic !!! Brings back memories from back in the early 90’s for me :) I used to listen to this track on a cassette !!! Yup – I’d just gotten my own stereo and raided my mom’s music collection and discovered this track on a cassette and fell in love with it !

Back in school – I used to sing – solos and in the choir – and for our music class – we all had to pick a solo track to perform … I chose this tune and got a fantastic ovation for it too !! I just sang right now to see if I remembered it – and I can !!! Now I just need to find the nerve to sing in front of an audience again (hmmm not quite sure when I got worried about singing in public !! but it has happened over the last decade or so)

The lyrics are haunting – I just love it ! Growing up, I always wondered about the meanings behind the song and never really quite got my finger on it.  Whilst browsing online for the song – I came across a few interpretations that I’d never really given a thought to.

What do you think about the track ? When was the first time you heard it ? Any memories that come to mind when you hear it ?

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Anonymous said...

tasmin archer is one of my favourites! :)
n it sure does bring back memories this song! :)
thanks for putting this up!! :D

have a kickass week ahead!


Emm said...

Aaaah, I love this song too. Can you believe I was so tired yesterday that I forgot to do a MM??

Dazediva said...

@ Prutha - hehe I can feel the energy bouncing off you !!

@ Emm - oh no ! don't strain yourself ! listen to this tonight as you sleep :) in fact I passed out last night as I was so tired, and ended up posting this in the morning today.

Anonymous said...
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