Wordless Wednesday #8 Even Crocs Smile

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Just look at this crocodile smile !!! He has such an evil glint in his eyes; despite the fact that he’s got bulging eyes – the beady pupil makes me a bit nervous !

I met this little fellow in Pattaya a few months ago and at some point he kinda grew on me ! I have a picture of moi kissing this crazy fiend AND one of me sitting on his dad !!! OMG I was freaking out !!! But I loved every second of it !

As most of you know – I’m a camera-holic – and this picture proves my point that almost everybody - even animals -  smiles for the camera ! Have a great Wednesday everyone !




jackie summers said...

I wonder what he's so happy about...

Dazediva said...

@ Jackie .. well I was about to hold him, which could be the reason behind his smile .. or he was just arrogant and loves the camera :P