Going Going Gone …

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And if it’s not gone already – it’s gonna go very soon ! I’m referring to my Blackberry .. and ever since I have gotten that phone – it’s caused me nothing but trouble !

Note :

I’ve always been partial to Nokia – I’ve used various Nokia models over the past 15 years (except for one year where I tried the Sony T69 and dumped it after the contract was up) and despite the convenience of the BB Email service – the phone itself is just not for me. 

The Nokia literally can withstand anything – including falling in a bucket of water (and Stephanie from Steph In The City inspired me on this rant after I read her post ‘My Cell Phone Took A Plunge’ !

Seriously – how the hell is the Blackberry supposed to be a good business phone ?? One doesn’t even have the option to ‘select all’ messages (SMS or Email) to delete them !!! Nokia has that feature ! Someone said to me “but why do you need to delete the emails” … hmmm because I don’t want it using up memory on the damn phone !! Besides I have a copy on my actual email account !

My entire weekend got messed up when my phone decided to belly up and just go weird on me … My cuz NM and I were chilling at my place the other night watching the Argentina vs Germany match – when my phone rebooted itself.  Since I was engrossed in the game – I didn’t pay too much attention .. that was until half time and I had to check something ..

Next thing I know is that I can’t find A SINGLE CONTACT in my phone address book … I have over 3000 numbers on my phone (yes I know its an insane amount but I’m a networker and in events – so I need these numbers) … between having a mini panic attack and an almost epileptic fit – NM somehow ‘found’ my contacts … Only one problem (well make that a few now) … a lot of the contacts were replicated; a lot of them were missing and it appeared that the phone had developed a mind of its own.

I spent the entire next day putting in all the potentially lost contacts – only to have the phone ‘hang’ on me a handful of times .. and guess what .. every time it rebooted – the new contacts got deleted !  Talk about a bloody piss-off and a half !

Then I thought ‘ooh I can use the backup database’ … erm ya no good … still rebooted .. now what ??? I thought ‘call the BB repair guy’ (he’d actually sorted my data transfer from Nokia to BB) and when I went to look for his number on the phone … it wasn’t there !!! neither was my bank manager, my bank, my latest client, some of my vendors and even my mate NB (even though she’d just given me her number again the day before) ! Now that’s just ANNOYING !!!

nokia vs bbSo tomorrow – it looks like I’m going to have to send the phone for repairs – get the software examined / updated and put in my contacts again.  I’m just sooooo glad that I didn’t delete the contacts from my Nokia E71 (but now my mother won’t give it back to me) 

I recently read an article by BoyGeniusReport on Nokia E71 vs Blackberry Bold (mine’s a curve) and I still feel that other than the Email service from BB – the Nokia is just a MUCH BETTER phone – whether its the battery life; ease of use; key pad (fine I just hate the track ball on the BB) and functions (e.g. on the Nokia I could set up clocks for various time zones – can’t do that on the damn BB – have to do it manually every time I want to check the time in another country!)

What do you reckon ? Are you a big Blackberry fan ? Or are you a die-hard Nokia supporter ? (I feel like a traitor for even using the BB but NC might kick my ass if I rack up her phone bill with all the internal work calls made) … If you are a BB user – are you having any problems with it ? Any suggestions for me that might help me bond with the phone ? 

p.s yes I have contemplated going back to a newer Nokia – however in India – the phones are purchased offline and without plans – and the new models are over $450 which in Rupees is a hefty chunk of cash to fork out in one shot for just the phone !


Sunil Ahuja said...

The camera functionality of a cellphone is very important to me. So I have always been a big fan of the Sony Ericssons, inspite of their ridiculously low tolerence to even the slightest abuse. I owned 3 K750i's consecutively and 2 of them are still in my possession and fully functional (if you discount the ruined joysticks and the non-functional camera button).

Unfortunately most of the Sony's come with a serious drawback- a limited number of contacts.

Therefore with much reluctance and after a lot of research (I might as well have set my homepage to gsmarena.com) I invested in an N82 a year and a half ago. Simply put, it is the best handset I have ever used. Blackberry was never even in the running- I just couldn't deal with the idea of a phone that does so much but doesn't do so much else. Nokia rocks!

Stephanie Faris said...

I had a Nokia a couple of phones ago and it worked well...but that was before smart phones. Mine now is a Samsung and before that it was a Katana. The Samsungs seem to hold up REALLY well, as you can tell from my blog!

Anonymous said...

i have never really had a particular brand that i was loyal to, but yes, most of my phones have been Nokia. they are easy to use, sturdy with a kickass battery life.
but when it comes to smart phones, i somehow cant bring myself to use a nokia. dont ask why.
currently using a Samsung and i cant complain. its great!
was hoping to upgrade to a BB sometime, but after ur post, will definitely rethink :P