Wordless Wednesday #6 Animal Transport

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This has got to be one of my favourite photos.  It was taken last week on 20th May in Jaipur at the base of a temple, knowing that I’d end up using it for the Wordless Wednesday series. 

It’s quite cute how the monkey is just chilling on the back of the goat with no worries on his mind; and believe me when I say the goat walked about 100 meters uphill towards the temple with the monkey still sat on his back.  I’ve never seen anything like it !

I know about those birds that sit on rhinos and elephants and get a free ride (but they are also getting food) and similarly there are certain small species of fish that nibble the gunk off whales … but this has got to be a first ! At first I thought ‘aah this must be a jungle trend’ until it dawned on me that I witnessed this in a city ! Even the monkey knows about air pollution and is taking the goat instead of the many motorbikes behind it !

Have you ever seen a monkey riding a goat (and not in a zoo / circus) ? Have you seen any other small / medium sized animal riding another type of animal ?  Please do share your funniest animal sighting with all of us and if you’ve got a photo of it – don’t forget to put up your link !


catsynth said...

The Money seems quite adept at riding the donkey - as much as any of the people who ride those scooters in the background :)

I was in Jaipur a few years ago, I do now recognize the rose architecture now that you mentioned it.

Stan said...

So that's how the monkeys get around. What's in it for the goat?

Naz said...

Monkey business! I'm laughing out loud right now. Thanks for the cute photo!

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

So cool!

There's donkey car taxi doing its rounds in the small town of my parents. Will make sure that I get a proper pic of it!

Vixen said...

Smart monkey. Free ride and all.

Dazediva said...

@ Catsynth .. I reckon the monkey is even more adept at the motorbikes than the humans are ! when were you in Jaipur and for how long ?

@ Stan .. judging by the goats' expression I don't think there's anything much in it for him ! =(

@ Naz .. am glad that I could get you laughing :)

@ The Fab Bitch .. oooh now that's a pic I can't wait to see !

@ Vixen .. tell me about it; my mate and I walked uphill for a good few hundred feet ! if only I could have charmed a goat into taking me there