Sexy Saturday – Paul Walker

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I couldn’t believe my luck watching The Fast & The Furious … right before my  eyes .. there’s this gorgeous hunk of a man and all I could think about was running my fingers through his hair.  Ok maybe not running as much as grabbing a chunk and bringing his face closer to mine – but you get my point.

Come to think of it – every time I have seen him on-screen – he’s given me butterflies in my tummy ….. oh alright – I’m just trying to be polite – I would hit that any day any time ! LOL

This blonde blue-eyed hunk is a mystery actor – instead of pompously parading himself to any and everyone – he cruises along with his career.  Now that I think about it – I have seen him in quite a few movies; I just couldn’t recall too many of them without looking them up.  Do you remember him from Brokedown Palace (wicked sound track); Varsity Blues; The Skulls (I would remember this name wouldn’t I); She’s All That; and Into The Blue (wetsuit on that body – how could I forget ??!!)

My Sexy Saturday vote goes out to the very divine Paul Walker ! Not only is he drop dead gorgeous – but he’s got brains too !!! He majored in Marine Biology and recently starred in a Nat Geo documentary on Great White Sharks.  Who can resist a man out to save the sharks ???

paul-walker paul2

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Anonymous said...

frankly.. f*** the sharks!! I just want a physique like that!! Its so much more appealing to the eye as opposed to the overdone, overly buffed rippling bodies that most of my gym buddies are aiming for!

You've got a good eye.. I give you that ;-) Basically there are just 2 guys that I look at.. (not drool, I said look) when I think of a balanced physique.. Paul Walker & Chris Evans. Maybe you could do a Sexy Saturday on the latter sometime!