Footie Fever

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I was just watching an episode of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ which focused on the Super Bowl … and it got me reminiscing about how my friends and I would gather around at my flat in London and we’d watch the football matches.

My mates were huge Liverpool supporters, and I was almost torn between choosing a favourite amongst Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool ! Yeah I know they are the top 4 teams but still .. the games were always fun to watch and had us on the edges of our seats !

world footie match The guys in our group used to tease my flat-mate and I about how we didn’t know much about the players or what exactly was going on in the game .. and being the type of person I am – I went over to my uncle who introduced me to a wicked website called the World Sports Network which not only gave you the livescore of the English teams but for football teams across globe with instant updates as well !

There came a point – where the lads would get surprised at just ‘how much’ us two girls knew about the matches (not that they ever caught on to our secret) and would often call up randomly to ask us what the livescore would be or check on the bookmakers odds (as if chicks – sorry to be stereotypical which I’m really not – but really – know football betting odds!)

After moving to Bombay – it seems like I rarely get a chance to catch up on football – let alone with friends … as I’ve mentioned before, most of my friends stay quite a drive away from me .. and the ones who are close by – aren’t that into watching footie.  Over the last week, whilst there have been some amazing football matches going on – I’ve been in Goa organizing a wedding for a client of mine.  The only way for me to keep up with the pace of the games and catch the highlights and match reports have been to log onto and get my dose of livescores !

Watching this episode today just reminded me of how much fun it used to be to spend an afternoon at the pub or at home watching a footie game.  It really was footie fever – you can imagine what the English are like when it comes down to the game.  I can’t wait to get back into that mode again =)  Until then, I know where I have to go for my footie updates =)

If you are into football and haven’t been to the above site as yet – then you must check it out !




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