And So 2009 Comes To An End …

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… It’s 5:20 p.m here in Mumbai and 2009 is almost at an end  .. I’m supposed to at least attempt to start getting ready and sorting my things out for a party tonight … Seems just like yesterday that I was writing about half a year going by !

Since yesterday I’ve come across some really thought provoking posts; a lot of reflections on the whole year – not to mention the new year resolutions … and I thought to myself … what are my thoughts about the year ?


2009 has definitely been a learning experience in many ways for me …

  1. I was never meant to work for anybody but myself.  I’ve resigned from my job of 2 years and have started up on my own again.  The hours are long; there is no guarantee of how much money I will make – but I love what I do and that’s all that matters.  I’ve managed to incorporate my favourite social activity (going out, organizing parties) into my career .. and after over 7 years of doing this – I still want to keep at it.  Now I just need to own my own night club and I’ll be sorted !
  2. Old friends aren’t always the right friends for you.  This summer, I saw a friendship of 13 years break apart through a series of texts and emails.  Apparently it didn’t even justify a phone call.  I never attempted to make that call – neither did she.  I saw PK again a few weeks ago and its like nothing happened.  But something did.  I think she still needs to come to terms with that.  After talking to Vixen earlier today, also realized that I had spent over a decade in being friends with TM – for it to just fizzle out after our old business partnership died.  Haven’t spoken to her in 2.5 years now.
  3. Some friendships are just meant to be.  I started 31st December talking to my mates from London and Montreal – including 2 ex-boyfriends.  These people mean the world to me.  It doesn’t matter that we haven’t seen each other in years (7 yrs in the case of my ex) or haven’t spoken in months or even exchanged emails.  They are always going to be there.  A big shout out to my boys once again; to NC, Vixen, E-Goh, Dayo, My Boo (yes I can still call you that), and Nomiswamii !
  4. Family is Important – even if they do get on my nerves.  I lost my grandmother earlier this year; and it was my first time seeing a dead body.  I can’t get over that.  I’m lucky to have been able to spend time with her because until 2 years ago – I would only see her when I came to India.  I told my grandma all the things I wanted to whilst waiting in the hospital.  In some ways after all the years of living away from home – I’m getting closer to my brother and trying to develop some relationship with my sister – which we do manage most of the time.  My mum is great and the relationship with my dad is getting better I suppose.  I am now doing business with my cousin NC – she’s a great person to work with..  I wouldn’t have known this if we hadn’t spent any time together. – and now I spend all my time (work and free) with her !  I also got to spend a lot of time with my other cousins and their respective other halves as well as all my nieces and nephews.  I really do love them to bits !
  5. I am content with who I am as an individual.  Sure I’m a crazy party animal; and to my family it looks like my ad hoc ways will never let me settle down.  I tried that route – it’s not for me – when my time comes to get married – I will but for now – I’m very happy being single :)  I am who I am and I honestly feel that those who know me – love me exactly the way I am and wouldn’t want me to change.  I’m not perfect by any means – but I am confident about myself, my abilities and my capabilities. I know I will continue to be successful in whatever I choose to do and it is with that belief that I do the things that I do.  I like to live in my very own secret life =)

As I get ready to bid adios to 2009 with a face pack on, and oil on my hair (I need pampering before I go out tonight – been sick a few days!) – I’m quite happy to note that I got this post in on 31st Dec ‘09 as opposed to sometime into 2010 like I did with my Adios 2008

I’d like to wish all of you a very very Happy New Year and hope you all have a great time whatever you choose to do tonight.  From the bottom of my heart, I  hope 2010 brings you whatever you wish for … actually wait .. I hope you all get to enjoy some great Sex with lots of orgasms; hold your alcohol like you were 18 all over again; and that you win a lottery that you don’t remember entering … why .. because 2010 is a new beginning for us all !

Happy New Year Everyone !



WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

A bitch fabulous 2010 to you!!!!! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!!

Gautam said...

Happy New Year!!! Hope you have a really good one this year!

The Singlutionary said...

I think I am meant to work for myself too but at this juncture working for myself means getting a career for the next few years and collecting a paycheck. You are a really brave person and I admire you! Maybe we can meet in March when I travel to India. The exact itinerary is still up in the air.

How do you get that toolbar at the bottom of your blog? I like it!

Jason Engraving said...
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Dazediva said...

@WSG .. and a bitch fab 2010 to you too darling !

@Gautam .. Happy 2010 to you too

@The Singlutionary .. I would be delighted to show you around when you are in India (specifically Bombay, Goa, Pune) and if I can I may even try to link you wherever your itinerary takes you. I had started my first company in 2003 which survived till 2005, then I became a corporate slave(technically but not really to learn the ropes in a new country) and now I'm officially back to being my own boss again. It's hard, scary and mind numbing .. but I'm glad for it.

For that tool bar, I'll find the code and email it to you :)

Web Design Software said...

Since 2009 comes to an end soon...which is your favorite moment of this year in wrestling?

Jason Engraving said...

Wish you a very happy new year......