A Bit of This, A Bit of That

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I can’t believe it’s the start of December already ! This year has really flown by … Well maybe not all parts of it – but majority of the year has for sure.  It just feels like a few weeks ago I was talking about having a half a year go by

Today is the start of my last week at work … I’ve gone ahead and resigned from the company I have worked with for the last two years as an events and wedding planner.  I wouldn’t have minded staying on but my immediate boss who I reported to for two years, HA, resigned about a month and a bit ago.  And just prior to that in September, another colleague whom I had worked with directly for 2 years, also resigned =(

I filled out all my exit forms and have started packing my things … damn it’s going to be a task ! It was in early May that I had shifted offices and had managed to pack my things into 4 large cartons and shift them to the other branch office down the road.  Now I have to pack all over again.  I hate packing !

As I lay on my bed writing this post, I’m wondering how to get rid of this dull throbbing headache and the ache in my left ankle … Looks like I might have to go back for physiotherapy … My foot hasn’t hurt like this in a while now and I’m guessing all the walking around (and some dancing too .. heck and some driving as well) is taking its toll again … but seriously how the hell is one supposed to go about day-to-day things without the use of their damn feet ??  I’m just grateful that I have feet and legs ! and the rest of my body parts intact too !