Another Dazed Award !

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I realized today that I’ve not had a chance to keep up my own thoughts and reflections due to the fact that I’ve been completely overwhelmed with work !

The Fabulous Bitch over at The Joys of My Splintered Life In Small Town has bestowed upon me yet another Award ! And this time – it’s not just ‘any’ award but her very own ‘Bitch Fab Award’

bitch fab

Now that’s what I’m talking about ! I knew from the moment I came across her blog that the two of us would get along like a house on fire .. at the end of the day – the fabulous ones stick together !  Haaa now I’m tooting my own horn – but hey – if I don’t do it – who else will right ?

Considering I just gave out a set of awards – I’m wondering now who is eligible for these awards … There really isn’t any criteria so I’m gonna dish it out to – you over there, and you too on the right, and yeah you with the coffee – you get one too ;)

The Guilty Hyena writes an amazing fashion blog where I’m a regular lurker .. I am so overwhelmed with the new trends that all I can do is lurk in fear of coming across as totally clueless to the rise of these trends ! Drop by and check her out and catch the hyena tweets whilst you’re at it too.

Ellie is one adulterous young lady who’s blog and tweets are most definitely bitch fab ! Her writing makes you ‘want’ to experience each of her adventures and leaves you coming back for more … and some more ;) 

There are a lot more Bitch Fab blogs out there – but I’ve passed on other awards to them .. so I thought it would be better to introduce some other bloggers as well. 

I hope the rest of you enjoy these two Bitch Fab Bloggers as much as I do =)



Jason Engraving said...

Ok so i got one of the blog awards that are passed around between other bloggers, but i need to know how to accept it because i have no clue on how you ae meant to publish it as a post on my blog!!!

Web Design Software said...

Most blog awards are in the form of a widget - cause its a confirmation from the main site it actually gave you the award. So no one can simply copy and paste the image.
You add the widget code into your side bar, or if your more humble create a seperate page for awards, and add the widget code there.

Dazediva said...

@Jason .. There is a widget code that you can use for the side bar but that is from the person who gave you the award. If you are using it in the body of a post, then you can simply save the jpg version of the award and put into your post

@WDS .. thanks for sharing your thoughts; and welcome to my blog :)

Ellie said...

Why thank you!