It’s Time To Save !

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Wow ! Did I just clock on to that concept ?? I’ve managed to get into the habit of saving over the last two years … I’m 27 years old – turning 28 and I have only just realized the value of savings and how they come in handy. 

Tuesday will be the last day of my 2 year tenure as an employed individual – prior to that I used to run my own business and the itch has come back – so am leaving my job to start afresh on my own – again.  It’s the 5th day of the month; my November payslip hasn’t come in as yet and probably won’t for another 2 weeks (as I need to submit my exit form interview) and I’m already feeling slightly strapped for cash !  Talk about a blow to the wallet with Christmas around the corner !

I’ve always been a fan of online shopping considering I hate waiting in long queues and actually having to try on things.  So I’ve spent the last few days thinking about how to go about getting my Xmas pressies out to friends in the US and came across some super deals on which showcases offers and discounts for over … hold your breath … 4984 Stores !!!

That’s like giving me the keys to my very own chocolate shop – better yet – it’s like having my own Theobroma ! There are some fantastic brands on the site and I came across quite a few that I liked.  Some of the killer deals included Old Navy Coupons ranging Free Shipping as well as discounts up to 75% on women's’ wear =)  In India it’s impossible to get Old Navy items – so I was excited to find this .. now I just need to figure out if they delivery internationally !

I also came across some "Body Shop Coupons” which is currently hosting a Friends & Family 20% Discount for another few days !  I’m definitely making my way to my local Body Shop to check out some of the local deals.  My cousin and sis-in-law are both handbag fanatics (ok which woman isn’t ?) and it was great to discover a new site (well for me it is) called E-Bags which has a stunning range of handbags as well as duffel bags, laptop bags and much more.  The best part about the site is that you can see the bags in different colours and it clearly shows the discounted rates so that you don’t have to wait till check-out to find out how much you are spending. 

To avoid bargain blunders if you are first time online shoppers – you must scrounge the web and do a comparison before picking up the first good offer that you see.


Don’t thank me – thank the Gods of Google and my new best friend over at for some of the season’s best buys =)


WhiteSockGirl said...

eBags coupons? Do you mean that I would finally be able to afford that Marc Jacobs bag?
Anything for shoes? I need to buy a pair of Jimmy's, it will make my life complete.

Bodyshop in my country is hell out expensive. Any type of discount would be welcome. So, I defs will check all these out.

Ta Girl, ta!!

Tangerine said...

Wow!! Now thats the kind of info I want abt shopping... discounts! :)