Brain Freeze

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… not the kind you get from having something too cold too fast …

I feel like my mind is not functioning this month.

I’m not motivated.  I’m trapped in my thoughts.  I stare blankly at the screen.  I want to write – I really do – but nothing is coming out.

brainfreezeAnd what I do want to write – I am disregarding it and already trashing it in my head.  It’s sort of personal – so I suppose that’s a reason why I am not putting it down.

But really … brain freeze … it’s sad that this month only comprises of just over 10 posts … and the  last few months I have been doing really well.

I know I haven’t had much time – between being heavily medicated; some family obligations; and just caught in some sort of time warp zone – but still … I need to make the time to do this … I really do …


crazynigerian said...

Don't fret Double D. It's not brain freeze. Real life is trying to get in the way of your virtual life in Blogger - thats pretty normal. Do what's important for those around you and then you can resume full blogging duty when you are fit and able. You're dismissed :D

Trulyana said...

I get like that nearly all the time, especially if my mind is gone at work. I think these signs like crazynigerian said are a reminder of what is really going on within us. If we can't think, than there is no point of forcing it out. We need that space to relax our free mind, and just be.

Dazediva said...

@ Crazy Nigerian ... grrr I don't like real life getting in my virtual way !! it's painful and time consuming (really 3-4 hours a day in traffic is not my idea of fun!) .. but thanks for the dismissal without reprimand commander !

@ Trulyana ... you are right, so is Crazy is up there; it would just be nice to get it all out without my head being bombarded with so many thoughts and no outlet for them :(

Are you both quite spiritual ?? I'm trying to explore that path and find time for it too !!! hahaha seriously I'm a confused soul LOL

Trulyana said...

Hello Dazediva,
Lovely to hear your response, and thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving a comment. I appreciate you.

Have you ever managed your thoughts in a detached manner?

What I mean by this is just being an observer off them, rather than be involved in them. I know it can be quite a task, but it's worth of a go. I notice that whenever I have mega thoughts, that they are not mine. I can either go through the habit of experiencing them (on rare occasion now) or just let them go by understanding where they originate from.

Yes, you could say I'm mostly spiritually inclined. I have always been an inward person, and reflect on everything as it happens within awareness. I feel we all have this understanding that enables us to tap into our clarity (wisdom) at anytime, mostly when we choose.