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I have lots to write about – but don’t know where to start.  Nothing makes much sense to me right now.  My mind is still fuzzy with antibiotics.

I’m also having trouble sleeping the last few days.  I’m a vivid dreamer and also usually a very light sleeper.  The antibiotics that I am taking are really messing with my body clock. 

I didn’t sleep very well last night; and it showed this morning.  I kept hitting the snooze button on my mobile alarm every 15 minutes for almost 1.5 hour today.  I just wanted an hour of peaceful sleep without the constant flow of  weird random thoughtsdreams =(

What I was really trying to do was ‘switch off’ the alarm completely but obviously that wasn’t happening with my face buried in the pillow !  When I finally woke up – I felt like I hadn’t slept the whole night.

I had a really sweet message from NC … yo woman where the hell are you ?? I wanna see you 2nite”It is sweet :)  She is missing me :)  At least someone is missing me !  We’ve been seeing a fair amount of each other – and I actually haven’t seen her since Saturday which is kinda weird and doesn’t feel right.   You would think this is a relationship of sorts – which it is – since we are blood related and all but it’s nice to have someone that you can see everyday and not get sick off … minus the emotional or physical connection that you would have with a man !

Does that mean I’m happier in my relationship with my cousin or would I rather want a relationship with a man ?  See the medication is making my mind go fuzzy !!

My boss HA just gave me a little jab on my side as he walked passed me … and I am super ticklish and super sensitive ! so of course yours truly just let out a high pitched shriek and practically jumped off my battered chair !

Oh I’ve moved offices … from a really sexy power office with ergonomical chairs to this cramped up office where 4 of us are sitting per long desk without even having enough room to move around !!  And I used to have my own private cubby hole ! This is so not fair ! I think these new chairs are the reason for a lot of back pain for me …

I’m meeting a few people tonight – TS – after work in fact which should be in about 45 minutes … He’s a banker; tall, quite cute, and a brilliant sense of humour … then I have to meet my other cousin NM, and then go and do ‘kriya’ with NC who feels that I need to ‘clear the air balloon in my head’ and I must allow her to ‘poke at it’

I think I have mentioned on another post somewhere that NC should come on and be a guest writer on my blog … She’s hillarious … Can the neighbours give her a round of applause so that she might be encouraged to share her with and humour with us all ?? Go NC go NC Gohhhh !!

It’s 6 p.m now and I should be getting off work in another 30 minutes or so … I’m supposed to call TS when I’m done – he’s gone home for a nap (lives close by to my office; oh and incidentally works in the same building as me too but currently working out of another office which is much closer to my house !) …


Carol said...

Welcome back or maybe I just missed your writing. I hope you are doing great and you can get off the drugs and have a good drink. You sure can ramble on. I do that too.

kasandria said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work! Clicked some links for you.

Dazediva said...

@ Carol ... I am in desperate need of a good vodka martini ! can't wait till the weekend - I will be finally relieved of the damn drugs hahah and am glad you're reading me again :)

@ Kas .. glad you enjoyed my blog :) welcome to the neighbourhood !! thanks for the clicks - have done the same on two of your blogs