It’ Not Just Cats with 9 Lives !

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We all know that ‘cat’s have 9 lives’ … and to play a game of Cat and Mouse can be pretty deadly !!!

Cats and mice / rats – generally just don’t get along – something in built in them from the food chain … And only in Tom & Jerry do we find that on occasion both cat & mouse join hands to reach a goal; Tom can be pretty tolerant of Jerry – sometimes I feel bad for Tom because Jerry just keeps annoying him !  Other days I worry for Jerry as he’s so small and Tom might just tear him apart.   I know it’s a cartoon and they won’t really do anything extremely violent – but still …

Only in the Itchy & Scratchy show – a TV show within the Simpsons TV show – do you find ‘real’ violence between cat and mouse – and the irony here is that the mouse is the violent one and constantly finding more evil ways to kill the cat (I can’t remember which is which by name).

leopard & mouseMotivated by my neighbour Adolfo’s interesting news articles – and since we’re on the subject of Cat & Mouse … I had to tell you guys about this if you haven’t already heard it !

This daring little mouse that you see on your left actually tried to eat a piece of meat that was left for a Leopard ! Not even an ordinary house cat !!! And the leopard was Nervous of the mouse – and kept trying to nudge it away ! 

From this looks of this picture – it almost feels as if the leopard is lovingly sniffing the mouse … but was really trying to keep it away from her piece of meat !

A student from Hertfordshire captured this unbelievable photograph, and it really goes to show – that it’s not just the feisty felines that have 9 lives !!!

News Article : Rat Devours Cat’s Lunch … and Lives !


Carol said...

It just shows you that we humans are not really as smart as we think, I find all that I know in question. But that we are not the brightest star in the sky keeps everything in persective. Have a great week.

Poseidon Monacular said...

Cute story, and great photo! That mouse certainly has a set, doesn't it?

Arslan said...

That mouse sure has *alls!! :)

I think you can make up a moral of the pic. "What you don't know, doesn't scare you" The mouse has no idea what the leopard can do to it, and hence isn't scared.. For some reason, even the leopard doesn't seem to be aware of it's strength..

And you really worry about Jerry? :P I just feel sorry for Tom as he always has to end up with the wrong end of the stick.. :(

Anonymous said...

gutsy mouse :)

Adolfo said...

That's truly an awesome photograph.

However, I get the feeling that seconds later, the leopard tore the mouse into shreds.

Thanks for the mention. Now I truly feel special.

Anonymous said...

That is truly unbelievable! The cat...excuse me LEOPARD musta been crazy - Kinda like me :) A Ko-dark moment turned out to be a kodak moment, phew! Nice one Double D