Sleepy Sunday … Not !

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Sundays are meant to be lazy days ! The one day in the week where you don’t have to worry about getting up early.  The day that you can just lay back in bed and snuggle up under the duvet in a chilled room.  A day meant for sitting in your PJ’s without a care in the world !

no sleep That’s not how I’m spending my day !  I woke up to the horrendous sounds of hammering and banging ! I thought the roof of my room was about to come down on me ! Initially I kept tossing and turning, just trying to ignore the damn noise but after a point – it was just a bit too much !!

I live in a 5 storey private building where I’m on the 4th floor – and the owner has the top pent house.  This man is crazy !

The building society has a law whereby no construction or building work can take place on a Sunday at any time and just because this jack-ass is the owner – he thinks it’s OK for him to have builders up there moving things across the floor – not by lifting them – but by dragging them !!

I had to call our building security twice to get them to stop the noise – and even had to move from my bedroom to my parents room just to try and get some sleep ! It’s the worst feeling when you get jolted out of bed because of some unexpected noise =(

I’ve been up and about since 9 a.m on a Sunday after only 4 hours of sleep and am feeling quite deprived.  Maybe I’ll catch a siesta later this afternoon – but it’s unlikely. 

I am lazing away at NC’s place now as I write this post – propped up against two pillows with a light sheet over my legs listening to her talk to my cousin in New York.

Maybe we’ll watch a movie … maybe I’ll head back home … Oh and now she’s telling my cousin MC how she enjoys hanging out with yours truly !! Woohoo !!

For those of you out there on the other side of the globe – I hope you are having a truly sleepy Sunday !!


Abhishek Chopra said...

same pinch! ... I was woken up by Arabic Rock because my neighbour in the hostel had just had a break up and he was feeling blue. This was his way of venting out his frustration. Me too couldn't catch a siesta.

These people will rot in hell, I tell you.

Another nice post, btw!

Dazediva said...

@ Abhishek .. Breakup venting is the worst way to be woken up !! it's either hard rock or depressing ballads at high volumes !! Give him some chocolate to soothe his pain away and hopefully bring some peaceful sleep to you !

Adolfo said...

Waking up prematurely is a terrible feeling. It's even worse when you can't go back to sleep.

10V said...

Haha, Atleast u have the option of going and sleeping in your parent's room. Since last 3 days I have been put up with my aunt from Bangalore who is an opera singer in her sleep.

Imagine waking up to a 'brrr....Aaaaaaaaahhh..Ohh..MMmmMmmm...Snooreeeeeee' @ 4:30 am. I was surprised I could even sleep till 4:30...

Thankfully I am blessed with good ability to sleep without being disturbed easily. So u can imagine how loud she would have been to wake ME

Nice post.