A Little Piece of Heaven

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Good Morning to all at Bloggerville !

I've been MIA for a few days ... there were some mental repair works that needed taking care of - and what better time to do that other than the long Easter weekend.

So I packed up with NC & SJ - and took an unearthly hour of a flight to Goa ! This tiny state is a paradise island compared to Mumbai. It's a little piece of heaven that serves as my haven and escape from the hustle & bustle of Mumbai. Not to mention it's a whole lot cleaner; open minded and has beaches that can actually be used for tanning and swimming - and not as a garbage disposal !!!

The sunsets in Goa are beautiful - it's a different vibe altogether whilst chilling out at a beach shack with a drink in hand; good company (or your own company); feeling the breeze against your skin; smelling the salt water mixed with sand; the sand grains nestled between your toes; and having the last of the suns' rays kissing your skin !

Goa - the destination of all ravers; the Ibiza of India; Goa - the beach paradise that locals and tourists alike flock to. All my trips to Goa have been more of a detoxing getaway (although drinking from noon to midnight doesn't exactly qualify for any form of detox!) - and it's ironic considering that I'm a party animal at heart !

I just go there to chill out ! Hang out on the beach ! Catch up with some reading; water sports - jet skiing and parasailing; lounge about at the pool side; get a massage on the beach (yes they have super cheap massages on the beach which the locals do for you - and its about Rs 450 for a full body massage = $8.90 / £6.05 !!)

This particular trip was one of my 3rd holidays where I've gone out with girlfriends ... normally NP is the only female that I go on holiday with (did Milan & Israel with her); so this was sort of a first for me - especially since I was going with my cousin & her best mate ! Wasn't quite sure how it would end up - and it went beyond my expectations or lack of them actually. I had decided well before the holiday - that I didn't quite care how it would be - I just wanted some non-judgemental company who could be fun as well =)

Considering my obsession with the camera - and their fear for inappropriate photos - they were great sports and let me take close to 750 pics and videos over the 3 days we hung out together - including some awesome underwater pics =) My camera is an Olympus which goes underwater up to 3m, and I had never really tested it out - so SJ devirginized it and just gave it a dunking on Day 2 of our trip ! Best decision ever !!!

Now I am unstoppable with the camera ! =)


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

You are revolutionising the term "Bloggerville" :)

Tangerine said...

sunsets in goa are my absolute fav n i <3 goa!
looks like u had a fab tym :)

Sumit said...

Awesome! 750 pics? :O (And I thought I was shutter-happy!)

Good to know you had a wonderful time, and Ihope the mental repairs are done. :)


P.S. For anyone who follows LOTR, "Peace" and "Sauron" together must be such an oxymoron..:P