Sweet Release

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This particular post 'quote' was not part of my original list of quotes but seeing that today 13th October is 'No Bra Day' I thought I'd tweak the content (just for today hehe) because I'm pretty sure most women would feel similarly on the subject. 

On a serious note, the first thing I do once I know I don't have to step out again is unhook the bra and take it off !! Sometimes I just feel almost claustrophobic in one - especially if I've had an early start to the day ! (then again I'm not a fan of having much clothes on in the first place so no surprises that I throw the bra off ) 

So to all my female readers, were you aware about No Bra Day ? Did you know that the actual point of it is to raise breast cancer awareness ? (how - I'm not sure but at least people are talking which means there's X amount of awareness right ?) How do you feel about your bra ? Are you a bra-abuser (the kind that throws it around and doesn't care for them) or are you a bra-fanatic (lots of colours, styles etc ?)