Friends You Are Certain Of

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Do you recall the popularity game in school or university ? The one where who was who was determined on how many friends one had ? Nowadays it's all about how many 'Facebook friends' one has.  

Through our lives we will encounter plenty of new people; school, university, work, friends of friends, and for the married couples - they will meet other parents through childrens' play dates .. and now thanks to Facebook we can pretty much be 'friends' with anyone.  BUT when it comes down to our actual close friends - the kind that you would call in a crisis or the one who would understand your rambling even though those around wouldn't be able to .. those friends you could count on one or both hands.

Today due to the nature of my business and largely 'cos of my personality - I actually 'know' over 2000 people (split into friends - school / university; family, acquaintances - some more than others - and even clients).  But when push comes to shove; I 'know' those that I can be certain of - they are the ones that matter.  These friends live in different parts of the world - I don't get to see them as often as I would like but I know they are there.  And for that - I'm grateful.

Just because one is surrounded by a flock of people - doesn't mean that they will follow-through when it matters.  Know who your 'real' friends are and keep them close.  It's hard to forge friendships as we grow older and we should value those that matter to us.