Bitch Less. Enjoy More.

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Last year during the UBC I wrote a post titled 'Stop Complaining' and it's no surprise that this particular sign / quote appealed to me. 

I have noticed that from the time I returned from my mini-hiatus in London last year - I've definitely improved when it comes to the amount of complaining / bitching I do about living in India.  Every now and then I will have a massive outburst because I've hit my bullshit tolerance level - and then it's all 'wooo-saaaa' again.  

I wouldn't say I enjoy my life in India 'more' because I'm bitching less - but it's definitely much more tolerable and I'm less disillusioned by it all.  I've come to accept certain things about the society and how things like idiot drivers on the road; and lack of professionalism are somethings I cannot change (and I will probably end up giving myself a stroke if I tried).  Besides, when it gets over bearing for me out here - I can just pack up and leave for a much deserved break.  

What about you ? Have you ever found yourself bitching about situations and somehow missing out on the moments that pass you by ? What are the steps you have taken to consciously not moan about things ? Do you notice any changes in your life since taking that step ? 

p.s I will admit that I bitched like a cranky kid tonight at dinner at San-Qi at the Four Seasons Hotel tonight 'cos I was just not impressed with the meal (although not surprised, since I have the worst luck when it comes to eating out - my meal order always ends up wrong !)