Oh Well Is Better Than What If

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The minute I saw this quote I knew it was one of the ones I had to share with all of the folks out in blogosphere. 

I hate being in a 'what if' situation.  I rather have tried & tested and come out saying 'oh well' this worked / this didn't than be left wondering 'what if I did this or did that instead'.

I've been in situations where the 'oh well' result wasn't the best but I'm glad I did because I finally knew what would happen.  I wasn't twiddling my thumbs away.  I rather just go out there; speak my mind and see what happens - the outcome can only be good, bad or neutral right ?  

How many times have you wondered 'what if' ? Do you regret those what ifs ? How many 'oh wells' are you glad that you followed through with ?