Almost There ...

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Wow ! October is flying by and I can’t believe we’re already half way through the Ultimate Blog Challenge !

How have you been faring through out the challenge ? Are you on-track or perhaps behind by a post or two ? Did you schedule your blog posts or did you just set your mind to write a new post each day ?

I have compiled pretty much all the ‘quotes’ that I want to use for each day of the challenge; but with my current work schedule and the lack of network in the cities I will be visiting over the next week - I really hope all my scheduled posts go up as they should.

How many blogs have you been visiting through the challenge ? I've book marked about 2 dozen of them that I've quite enjoyed and also try to use the 'comment chain' on the UBC FB page to discover new blogs.  However I'm a bit bummed that I haven’t been able to push and promote my own posts as much as I would have liked. Also I've noticed that not everyone promotes other peoples posts over social media which I suppose is fine but it would be nice if everyone encourages others too.  I make it a point to tweet the posts that I've enjoyed with the #blogboost tag and the blogger Twitter handle so that others can also enjoy the posts I have discovered. 

So guys, if you are participating in the UBC, don't forget to share the love among your own FB and Twitter followers and give a fellow blogger a real #blogboost.  If you share my posts - I will be sharing yours =) 

Good luck to everyone of you out there who are blogging for the UBC – give yourself a huge round of applause ‘cos we are already half way through the challenge ! You can do it ! Keep Blogging !