How Do You Enter The Shower ?

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I couldn’t help sharing this with you all today.  I found a funny graphic on this Tumblr site ‘I Luv Charts’ and I’ve tweaked it a bit with some other graphics I came across (hey at least I’m trying to be creative – I might need years of training on Photoshop but at least I know how to crop, copy & paste on Paint haha)

So just to try something different, I’ve created a poll at the end of this post – and it’ll be interesting to see what you select.  (it’s all for fun so you might as well take part in the poll)


I’m between a B & C … some mornings, when I’m really tired or just haven’t slept well (or been too lazy to go turn on the hot water geyser), I’m all about chilling naked – arm stretched out to check the temperature and then let my body deal with the impact of being woken up.

The mornings when I’m done at the gym, it’s all about being hard core and jumping straight into the shower ! I’m too sweaty and feel way to icky to care about whether it is hot or cold water ! I just want to feel clean !

What about you ? Do you enter the shower in any of the above described manner ? Or do  you have a different routine altogether ? Since you’ve read this post all the way till here – please take an extra 20 seconds; participate in the poll below and feel free to expand your thoughts (and your shower regime) in the comments below.

How Do You Enter The Shower ?

 A) Cower Away

 B) Stand under it hard-core

 C) Chill Naked

 D) Don't Shower

 E) Dominate Body

 F) Dodge That Shit

 G) Light a Cigarette

 H) Smoke and Wash free polls 

I’m actually curious to see what the results are !