Happiness Is .. Cash In Your Savings Account

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Come on !! Who doesn't get a happy feeling knowing that there's some extra cash sitting in the bank account ?  Instead of spending that rolled up tenner that you found in your jeans pocket - just put it away.  

At the start of the year I randomly decided to just collecting all the coins / spare change that I would find around my room, in my various hand bags or even in my car ... at the end of the month there was the equivalent of £20 that I had lying around ... think about it £20 x 12 months = £240 that's enough for a big night out or a weekend away. 

I started saving properly when I hit 30.  I should have done it earlier but I was busy enjoying life and the financial independence that I had spent my entire 20's working for.   I'm 33 and have a good chunk sitting in the bank.  I may not be able to buy a house yet but I've got my down payment ready ! 

When did you start saving ? Are you regular saver ? Do you have any saving tips that you could suggest ? 


Debbie said...

After a failed marriage, I was a young single mom who scrapped to get by. I started saving then - just a dollar here, or five there. I'm now 50. My one piece of advice would be: start now. There are always plenty of things you can/want to spend your money on but save SOMETHING. As you've said, even gathering the spare change you find laying around.....it all adds up.