The First Try ...

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Just when I contemplated beginning to pen down my thoughts – my head started to spin.  A sharp swirling followed by an almost grinding type of feeling that keeps pressing into the brow bone until I have to shut my eyes and rest my face against the mattress.  The pain stubbornly refused to cease until I changed my train of thought and the feelings that came up with it.

Could it be that we can be so overcome with emotion over voicing our inner thoughts that we cause a mental block within ?  That’s just how I feel right now.  I can see the words and phrases floating around my mind; whizzing left and right - but when I attempt to pen it down – the process is almost excruciating.  The more I think about where to begin – the sharper the throbbing and I can feel blood pounding against my temple. 

I know I will find a way to express myself – I have to for the sake of my own sanity ... it just won’t be today.