That Limbo Feeling

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Don't you just hate that feeling of being left in limbo ?  It's this uneasy almost unreal feeling. You're neither here or there; you're not going forwards in life nor are you going backwards - you're just exactly where you are.  You're almost blank - mentally and emotionally. Its fine for a while but then it just sort of sucks doesn't it ? 
Despite having a certain degree of routine and structure to my life - I've found myself in this limbo like feeling. It's a bit unnerving and unnatural for me.  I guess it's all to do with what I'm going through internally.  

I want to do something to snap out of it.  It's not like I haven't tried.  I have.  I just seem to be stuck in a zone where nothing really seems to pull me out of it.  Some days it's a quick-sand type of feeling.  

It's an extremely uncomfortable feeling not being in control despite actually being in control.  My emotions are close to the surface and yet I feel they are buried so deep that I have to dig in just to be able to express myself.  And then, there's the temper that seems to be flaring up at the slightest of situations - which is unnecessary even for me. 

Where is serenity when you need it ?