Things You Learn At Brunch

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I’m a big fan of brunches; and especially more so of the boozy brunch … more restaurants should offer a liquid menu with a side of nibbles !


1.  Champagne & Cocktails all around !! PC080415

My favourite part of Bombay Brunches (and yes this tends to only really happen here) is the free flowing Alcohol which includes Bubbly (or sparkling white).  If it isn’t Vodka Redbull, then it’s gotta be Champagne (for me, and maybe for you too) !  We had the pleasure of having a liquid brunch – and it involved trying every cocktail on the menu; and then making up our own (as we all do at some point). Not only did we order a copious amount of cocktails, but we proceeded to call for pitchers of the all-time classics such as Long Island Ice Tea and Mojitos.  The liquid diet can be a lot of fun !  What’s your poison of choice ?


2.  Sharing is Caring

A typical brunch is a buffet.  A few select restaurants will serve the en-masse platters at the buffet and also have a special a-la-carte menu for their clientele.  That’s right, we were lucky enough to get to order a-la-carte and it was a foodies’ paradise !  Eggs Benedict, Waffles, Shrimp with Wasabi, Salmon, Ham & Sausages, and there was some pasta and risotto floating around – topped with a dash of champagne of course !! But oh! The variety! All you could hear over excessive martini orders were things like ‘How do you like your eggs?’ ‘Do you want a side of crispy bacon with that ?’ ‘Have you tried the lemon curd with strawberries ?’  It was the brekkie and dessert menu that had me salivating ! 

On a side note, I’m more than happy to recommend desserts but I sure as hell do not like sharing my dessert (or my men for that matter).


3.  Lock Jaw is a result of Enjoying what you Eat

And I’m not talking about just food here (nor am I referring to bacterial infections).  The brunch conversation included a fair amount of time discussing our individual preferences ; how lock jaw comes about and what sort of movements trigger such a reaction.  A few preventive measures that one can take include savouring the various textures and tastes; remembering to chew slowly to enhance the experience and to give your mouth and jaws a break every now and then so that you’re left wanting more ! But hell, if you’re loving what (and who) you eat – who cares about a lock jaw right ?



4.  Eating Ass is a Delicacy

I was told that perhaps I should be a bit more politically correct and use a title like ‘Tossing The Salad’ but then I didn’t really see the connection so went with my original thought.  After hours of knocking back cocktails, champers and lots of other mixed concoctions; the conversation moved on to the more important things in life.  “Eating Ass". 

If you didn’t already know this – make a note of it.  If you think I’m being crude – I suggest you get over it.  Whether you have eaten ass or had your ass eaten – this falls under the bedroom delicacy category and not for the narrow minded.  If you’re adventurous and willing to explore other avenues – then it’s something you’ve got to try.  Oh and if it happens naturally, you’re onto a winner here !!


There you have it .. Brunch is pretty straight forward AND you get to learn a lot from it too !! I’m sure you’ll agree we should do it more often.

How do you like your brunch ? When and where do you brunch ? Have you fallen victim to lock jaw or been the cause of lock jaw for someone else ?  And last but not least, are you open to trying different delicacies or do you prefer to stick what you have tried & tested ?