Diva’s Most Dazed Reflections of 2012

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My brother just said to me ‘23 hours before we hit 2013’ ! The year has really flown by.  I think it may have felt a bit longer had I spent the whole year in India but in keeping with my 2010 resolutions, I spent exactly 143 days traveling out of India at one stretch ! 2012 has been an interesting year.  I’ve learned a lot about myself as a person, as an entrepreneur and as a blogger.


1.  Blogging Like a Diva.  I managed to hit the 500th and 600th blog post milestone in 2012.  I was hoping to cross 200 posts again this year, seeing that I wrote 205 posts in 2011, but alP6220030as I’ve fallen short.  I suppose that’s because I was micro-blogging throughout my extended working vacation.  Do you reckon those micro blogs count towards my actual blog posts ?  I managed to successfully complete not 1 but 3 different blogging challenges this year.  The Ultimate Blog Challenge in January; the A to Z Challenge in April and another Ultimate Blog Challenge in October.  That’s a lot of continuous writing on my part and I’m so glad that I took part in these.  I’m going to endeavour to write even more next year.  Not because I have to, but because I want to.  I’m an expressive person – although at times that may not appear to be the case; and blogging proves to be an ideal outlet for my very sporadic and sometimes dazed thoughts. 


2.  Just Because Someone Is In Your Life, Doesn’t Mean They Are A Part Of Your Life.   Some people like to call themselves our friends; but in reality they are not friends, they are just passing or casual acquaintances; almost like a character out of our storybook lives.  I realized that a few people I knew who always called upon me for guidance / assistance / general chit chat were not really my friends (despite claiming to be so).  I obviously never categorized them the same way I would my closest friends but I considered them important enough to give them my attention and time.  The expat / nomad life style will involve maintaining long distance friendships – but the true test of ones friendship lies when the two of you are in the same city together.  These LDF’s proved to be nothing more than an association of convenience.  It’s a mistake I won’t be repeating.  2012 taught me a valuable lesson.  If one can’t take the time for another; they have no right to be in that persons’ life. 

3.  People That Matter Will Always Make An Effort.  I’m grateful and blessed to have some amazing people in my life.  Friends who I have known for decades, and others who have recently entered my world and become an integral part of my being.  2012 will forever remain a memorable year for the simple reason that I got to meet up with my nearest and dearest after almost 5 and 10 years.  I got to  attend the wedding of ‘my beta’ – my high school tissue paper letter writing girlfriend who eventually became my flat mate in London.  I spent a month living with my university friend in Montreal and spending quality time with her (and her two cats and adorable boyfriend).  I managed to visit beautiful Bermuda and catch up with another girlfriend.  The late night shishas, desserts, never ending conversations and a long overdue girls weekend in Marbella with my bestie DA.  My darling Luci, who works so hard, found the time to always meet me during the month I was in Montreal – whether it was for breakfast, a coffee, dinner, late night drives, and even dropped me off to the airport.  The vicarious Vixen who met me for the longest Happy Hours and sifted through my PayPal issues.  My nutty Nomster who made me her make-up model just so that we could spend more time together. 


4.  One Must Chase Their Dreams To Achieve Them.  Simple, and so true.  Ask yourself ‘are you living your dream ?’ If the answer is No, then ask yourself if you aren’t going to build your dream who else will ? Anything is possible – it’s just a matter of perseverance.  I spent a months out of India – which is my company base and yet, over the course of a few months, I was able to generate new business leads, conduct meetings overseas with potential clients and even seal a few deals with them.  I’ve always wanted my business to have a significant international exposure – and that wish became a reality because I have done everything I can possibly do over the last few years to ensure that my business is where it is today.  And this, is just the beginning of bigger and better milestones for my company.


If it wasn’t for bloggers and readers like yourself, my blog wouldn’t exist, so I’d like to Thank You for taking the time to stop by here today (and every other day that you hop over).  I’d like to wish all of you a very Happy New Year and hope that 2013 brings you whatever your heart desires.