Wordless Wednesday #16 Sunset in the Desert

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desert sunset

I found this picture on Google images and felt a calmness wash over me whilst I just took in the sheer beauty of it.  I grew up in Dubai and often found an escape in the desert; especially around the time of sun-set.  The desert air cools down almost the minute the sun goes into hiding; and it can get pretty chilly at night.

All I want right now is to lay back against the sands, with a hookah (or sheesha as some may know it) and just ‘chill’.  What about you ? Have you ever enjoyed the warmth of the desert ? Have you ever been camping in the desert ? It’s a lot of fun =)


Anonymous said...

very nice!! Never had any desert experiences.. unless sleeping on the beach under the stars counts ( pretty awesome nite that was!) didnt have hookah's back then , but yeah, if we had to go now.. I'm pretty sure we'd take one along too!! (Isnt it strange how we've regressed to smoking much milder stuff as we've gotten older?)

Cat Wisdom 101 said...

I've been to several deserts in the SW US but never slept in the open. Hey,I thought this was wordless Wednesday?

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. sleeping under the stars in the desert is a very different experience; you have to try it sometime .. :) I've done both - desert & beach .. damn I'd give just about anything to go back to that other life of mine when I wasn't living in India :P

and oh mighty knight, go and check the #MM from this week - I think you might just appreciate it :)

@ LMW aka Layla .. thanks for dropping by my blog :) next time you are at a desert, try to sleep out in the open (or stay out till as late as you can - its honestly a very different experience) .. and yes it is #WW but I like to be a bit different ;)

Anonymous said...

lol.. hey we've got deserts here too, u know!! ;) I already checked out the #MM.. very stirring indeed!! I like the way you dissected it tho.. would be very interesting to read the answers incase people decided to actually answer your questions...

and I guess Im not the only picky one out there, huh? ;)

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. I know we do :P I've not really been to explore but I know them .. I will go sometime soon though :)

Ahhh the knight has spoken, in fact you could be the trend setter on the #MM by actually answering those questions :P come on .. you can do it .. for meeeeeee ! for the front row seats with Purple Patch :P

Anonymous said...

@daze... lol chill babe.. I know you werent really talking ONLY bout deserts when you spoke of your other life before India... just messing wid ya! Thot you'd figured me out by now :)

Damn girl, you nuts? bare my soul.. on a public forum no less? Definitely not happening!! Besides.. Purple's giving me those tickets just for being the darling I am ;) So for me to even consider doing it for ya, tell me... what you bringing to the table huh??

Dazediva said...

@ Ve .. hunni, I was so chilled last night (read exhausted) that I practically passed out laptop switched on, lights left on, after writing my lil' comment :P and I'd purposely left out not commenting on the picky part hahaha

and yes, bare yourself on a public forum .. I'll never be able to see the buff bod, but at aleast I can read the words that make up this intense soul that is just You :P

Don't you forget that I've now got 500+ words of commentary from you which could be the start of a new blog revolution 'The Knight Ve Want' ;) so ha I got that on the table :P

Anonymous said...

@daze... I was wondering about you not responding bout the picky part. Thot maybe you didnt get it.. not as quick on the uptake as I thot you were.. (just kidding!) :D

well.. as far as answering goes, trust me on this one.. I'm just gonna bore your readers, who fyi would be much more interested in your answers! and 'Blog revolution'? 'The Knight Ve want'?? LOL You're on fire today, arent you? :) Tho... thats what you got on the table? My 500+ words? hmmm.. Im beginning to learn something bout you.. excellent at repartee.. not so good at negotiations!:P

oh and btw.. Never say never! ;)

Anonymous said...

wanted you to check out a link, dont have your mail add so am posting it here instead. Thot you might like it :)


check it out!

Anonymous said...

oops.. wrong link! :D