A Woman’s Rant

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I normally do not rant.  It takes a lot to provoke me.  But I came across a status message on an associates’ Facebook page and was quite taken aback.

Gals : Somebody SAVE ME from their Kiddish, Irresponsible, Insensitive, Selfish and Apathetic behaviour. GOSSSHHHH... Wer r the women we grew up seeing? Supposedly, Caring, Sensitive, Soft, n Giving in nature. WHAT sucked 'WOMANHOOD' out of the Modern Woman..?? What went wrong..?? I jus don't get it. Can ONLY WISH that ...u get BACK to being a Woman soon n make us Men feel good about having u around.

Side Note : the grammar and short form writing style is another one of my pet peeves !!!

My response to the above was as follows (and this is a direct copy & paste job) …

Erm ... actually I laughed reading your status ..

You reckon women are kiddish, selfish, irresponsible and insensitive ?? What happened to the women of the past ?? Hmmm let me see - most of them got an education; went out and saw the world and realized what hypocritical self-absorbed narcissists men really are and have possibly taken a stand for themselves. And thankfully the women in India are becoming more and more independent.

A man says he wants a woman of the past - and yet he's out there f**king about with any girl he can get his hands on. When it comes down to a commitment - that's when he realizes he wants a woman who reminds him of the past - potentially a woman who will take his word as Gods own and worship the ground he walks on.

Unfortunately - if a man wants to see that nowadays - he has to try a bit harder and realize that there's room for two in the household and not just him.

A woman - no matter what generation she belongs to - is selfless - everything about the nature of a woman is to be selfless .. and there's nothing wrong with putting herself first .. so if that is considered selfish - then every woman has the right to be selfish ! Irresponsible ??? When was the last time you heard of the majority of the male population taking on domestic and child care responsibilities ? When was the last time a man took paternal leave to stay back and help take care of the new born ? When did a man give up his career so that his partner took take a step ahead ??

The modern woman has everything the previous generation has - but if she's going to show it - that person has to be worth it. One has to know the layers of a woman before judging her.

Sorry about the rant - but that's not the kind of statement one expects from a modern man.

I could add a lot more to this conversation but it was getting my blood pressure up (and considering I started my day so calmly – I’d like to maintain that)

So what do you think ? Am I over reacting to what could be a statement against a particular experience the man has had with women ? Or am I justified in what I am saying ?

Ladies – I want to hear your thoughts and opinions on this !  Guys – do any of you think like this ?? What do you think about men with such views ?

p.s my associate went on to comment on what I had to say …. and I don’t want to even get started on that !


sanely insane said...

Don't kill me but your response as dumbass as the guy's original thought. :P

There are enuf sensible ppl out there and enuf silly ones..in both the genders. Each generation of society has to come to terms with the change it is going thru (and hence each generations cribs about it

so chill, am sure u r doing ure best to figuring out your way thru this confusing maze...and thats all tht counts :)

p.s. sorry for calling u a dumbass :P

rustom said...

i was about to comment the same thing, tho wasnt gonna call u a dumbass! the original guy is a fool, with stupid vision of old fashioned women, but ur rant is full of rather inaccurate generalisations too about men and couples, and also about the "modern" women - theres a whole range out there.. :)xxx

Dazediva said...

@ sanely insane .. hahahha I was sooo annoyed when I replied to the guys' comment .. I didn't want to put up the entire thing but of course .. there are are both sensible and silly men AND women out there .. As it is - people have a hard time adjusting to the views of society just to maintain some sort of harmony .. it doesn't help that the younger generation go off on a tangent and start making a comparison on the personality types of women (or men for that matter)

@ Rustom .. haaa thanks for sparing me the dumbass comment :P the rest of my commentary did add on to state my view point was definitely generalized; it does not apply to everyone.

In fact there are the modern day couples (including some from the older generation) that are very hands-on and give each other space to grow. Most of the men I know are very broad minded; very active in their respective partners lives (gf / wife) and supportive as well. One of my guy mates took paternal leave so that his wife could go back to a part time job.

There is definitely a range of people out there including women who are just out there to meet a man with enough money to support them; there are men who just want a loving partner; whilst there are other men and women who have no care in the world.

As I said - its a rant - I should have specified it was very generalized .. but at least it leaves for interesting commentary :P

rustom said...

haha - as for "women who want to meet a man with enough money to support them", there are more than a few - even a large proportion of the "modern" ones iv met in india fit into that category somehow or other!

And there are probably just as many men who want the woman they grew up seeing (interesting freudian concept there!!)