Smoking Crows

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smoking crowsSeriously – this is NOT a work of Photoshop !

I was catching up on some international news via (one of my favourite papers of all times!) and came across these ‘Smoking Crows’ and couldn’t get over how these guys managed to hold cigarettes in their beaks !

The nicotine-loving birds were photographed in the Maldives by British tourists Tony and Judie Ellis (who happen to come from a town called Crowborough in Sussex, England – seriously no joke here !).  Basically the couple saw the crows land on the thatched roof of a water villa next to theirs; when one of the crows coolly began taking the cigarettes out of the packet and laying it on to the roof – only for other crows to come along and pick the cigarettes up in their beaks.

Now obviously the crows weren’t ‘actually’ smoking .. but daaaaaamn if they were – it would be a sight to see !!! I still can’t get over the fact that these crows are smoking ! One of the comments on the pictures I saw around the web – stated that these were not crows but really Jackdaws (I’m not much of a bird person so wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference!)

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guyofthe90s said...

@dazey...quite an article yesterday about a "smoking toddler" from indonesia....who smokes 4 packs a day ! It is so stupid (though he smokes in style :p)...

incase the link is here -

sanely insane said...

ha ha that was a sight :P

Dazediva said...

@guyofthe90s ... ditto your sentiments ! I saw an article across a few different papers on that toddler; and the parents don't seem to care at all !!! how on earth does a 2 year old become addicted !!

@sanely insane .. I couldn't believe it when I saw it; and it turned up across few different papers so had trust my eyes heheh