Sexy Saturday – Olivia Wilde

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This weeks’ Sexy Saturday is going out to the absolutely stunning green eyed beauty – Olivia Wilde !Olivia wilde newpicjpg

I got thinking that not very many of the male neighbours in Blogosphere have participated in the last few Sexy Saturday posts; and I wonder if that will change since I’m voting a woman in for this weeks’ meme … hmmm ….



I noticed her for the first time in the TV series ‘House’ and her eyes have me mesmerized ! It’s no surprise that this curvy cat-eyed stunner has been ranked #1 on Maxims’ “Hot 100” of 2009 list ! That’s quite the jump from her #97 rank in the Maxim 2008 list !  Although it’s no surprise that she was noticed by FHM as #95 on the “100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006”

The Gods of Google did find me more information about Olivia Wilde but nothing really jumps out at me.  What do you think about her ? Have any of you watched her performance in House as Dr ‘13’ Hadley ? If there are any OC fans, then you might have seen her on that show (I’ve never really been a fan of The OC and didn’t even know she was in it !)

So this one is for you guys – have a very Sexy Saturday !!! Don’t forget to share your favourite Sexy Saturday vote with us – it could be male or female – after all – it’s about being sexy !! Make sure you share your Sexy Saturday link via the Linky below; or leave your link as a comment for everyone to check out :)


The wild said...

Indeed very pretty

Dazediva said...

@ The Wild .. she's 'hot' heheh :) just checked out your trekking blog; you've been to some gorgeous places !

shrilbil said...

She is hot.. looking forward for more #sexysaturday... And obviously female coz I am #hotbloodedmale :P

The wild said...

Hehehe :)