Music Mondays #7 Brandy – Full Moon

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I’m not big a Brandy fan (the singer or the drink) but I ‘felt’ this track from the moment I heard it.  Over the years I’ve even managed to learn the lyrics and can sing this perfectly on karaoke.

I’ve never been one for lyrics as I’ve mentioned in my previous posts – but this track .. it hits the spot … Haven’t we all had one of those kinda nights ??

Ladies – haven’t you ever walked into a club just knowing that you’re going to make an impression no matter what happens ? It’s like an electric jolt through your body when your eyes meet with that one man (or woman) across the room who can hold your gaze without looking away !

Guys – have you ever had a woman eye you all night like you were her next prey ? I doubt any of you would have had complaints if a woman were to make the first move on you.  Is that a something that attracts you more to a woman ?

This is by far one of my favourite seduction songs hahah ! No seriously – I’ve got some great memories to this song – the best being with some of the dancers at one of the clubs I managed.  The girls had worked out a routine to this track – and on one of the nights; pulled me up on stage with them … damn we had an appreciative audience that night !

Have a great Monday and enjoy the music ! Don’t forget to share your own tunes with me :)


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Great Selection.. Happy Music Monday!

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@ Cakeblast .. thanks for dropping by :) Hope you're having a great week :)

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