Music Mondays # 2 : Hurts – Wonderful Life

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It’s Monday – start of the new week – I can’t believe how quickly yet how slowly the week has gone by. I took part in my first ever Music Monday last week.  I didn’t get many responses but that’s okay since it takes time for something like this to build up.  I did get a few tweets out of it – so at least I made some people smile :) 

I’m on my 2nd Music Monday and couldn’t think of a better track than ‘Hurts – Wonderful Life’ to begin the week with.  Hurts are an English electronic duo from Manchester composed of singer Theo Hutchcraft and synthesizer Adam Anderson.  I only discovered this song about a week, maybe ten days ago and it’s been stuck in my head ever since !  I’ve found a YouTube link along with the Lyrics (not that a lyrics guide is necessary since its quite a simple track)

There’s not much information about the group online – however I have discovered that they were ranked #4 of top 5 acts to look out for in 2010 by the BBC in their ‘Sound of 2010’ poll.  And with the sounds of Wonderful Life – they can definitely make it big ! 

The original Wonderful Life video makes you think back to the 80’s – a very funky black & white video; the lyrics are empowering; the strings are haunting and the drums make me think of electro-pop. 

Have you heard this track before ? What do you think about it ? The lyrics are quite haunting – I can hear the ‘never give up’ in the back of my mind – and its definitely motivating when I’m having a frustrating day with work.  So please do leave a comment as it will save me from having the Monday Blues hehe.

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very nice track...
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