Wordless Wednesday #2 The Call of The Ganges

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This picture was taken on Day 2 of my rafting and camping trip to Rishishek last year in October.  There’s something about this image that causes me to take a deep breath and just slowly exhale. 

Thought I’d try something different since I’m still new to this .. I’d love to know your answers to the questions below :)

  1. How do you feel when you see this picture ?
    • Calm. And surreal.  Its so different to the concrete jungle I live in.
  2. What 3 words come to mind when you see this image ?
    • power of nature !
  3. If you could be at this location right now – who would you be there with and what would you be doing ?
    • I’d go with a handful of friends (including the group I went with last year); and it would make for a great picnic spot :)

So those are my answers .. what are yours ?

p.s. I reckon with my photography obsession - I’ll use a few of the images that I have taken over the next few Wordless Wednesday posts.


Chicky said...

Very beautiful shot, DazeDiva.
I would love to be there, alone though... for somehow, the magic of the place (at least as visible in the pic) seems to take away your loneliness.

Can u tell me more about the Wordless Wednesday thing? Do they necessarily have to be our own pics that we post?

Dazediva said...

@ Kaddu .. am so glad you dropped by; your hiatus was long enough ! Being there alone would be perfect too :)

For Wordless Wednesday, you basically put up any image (doesn't have to be yours). There's a link that you generate from a widget each week (so it has the right dates - http://www2.blenza.com/linkies/wizard.php) and include it in your post like I have.

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

Thanks for sharing this I've heard of it many times and seen pictures of kids splashing but never the just the unadulterated river flowing by.

crazynigerian said...

that pic is probably your wallpaper on your laptop, right? Its a very calming piece. Looking forward to more wordless wednesdays (but I much prefer TGIFs - Thank God its Fridays!)

Dazediva said...

@ Sukhmandir Kaur .. thanks for dropping by :) We were really lucky that our campsite didn't have any kids on it as it makes such a big difference ... We did kids splashing about on other sites but its not the same when you can just sit back and watch the true beauty of nature :)

@ Crazy Nigerian ... haha it was my wallpaper at some point; have another one on my phone as a screen saver .. it is very calming .. it was like being in another world :) TGIF is good .. but c'est la vie .. we have to like every day hehehe

Ron Cooper said...

Nature's glory unmasked!

Chicky said...

Ok so I left the link here... but I couldn't figure out how to change the widget on my blog.

Dazediva said...

@ Ron .. thanks for dropping by & welcome to my blog :) It would take us a lifetime or two to unmask the true glory of nature ..

@ Kaddu .. don't worry about changing the link; if you must; go in to the editor panel via the dashboard, and remove the old code & stick in the new one .. should work then