The Dazed Master of Divas

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I’ve barely gotten over the fact that I’ve received the Beautiful Blogger award when the Fabulous Bitch has gone on and drop kicked the Master of Karate & Friendship Award on me !  MasterKarateAward

Here’s what she had to say about me :

Dazediva - Sporadic Reflections
I cannot omit her from my award list. She is my girls crush, my BBBFF (Best Bloggy Bitch Fab Friend), the girl I want to have tequila parties with while we are appreciating male gorgeousness. She is bitch fab, the diva and always a fab read!

Now how did she know I’ve been the Karate Kid in my youth & prime ?? Beware – I got some high kicks left in me !  To find out about some more Karate Kids go and visit The Fab Bitch.

The award comes with rules (which one doesn’t these days huh ?) and I have to list 6 things that ‘I Master’.  Wow that’s a tough one - ‘cos I’m the Dazed Master of Divas !  So here goes …

1.  Master of Capturing Digital Moments.  My camera and I go hand in hand.  I take lots of pictures.  My friends and family reckon I’m obsessive.  And yes I’ve mastered the art of being able to take a photograph when one least expects it.  I love it ! Now I just need to buy a professional camera and the photos I take will be even more kick ass than they already are !

2.  Master of Conversation.  I can talk.  Honestly I can.  And I talk a lot of sense too.  NC wonders where I have the stamina to keep talking.    Regular every day chit chat bores me.  I like learn when I converse with people.  I tend to ask a lot of questions or go into detail about certain subjects.  I enjoy engaging in conversation outside of my realm of knowledge so that I get to hear another perspective.  Every now and then – in true Aquarian style, my mind will wander and my conversation waffles .. but the majority of the time, I make way too much sense.  And now with social networks changing conversation – I’m totally on top of my game ! A toast to the Art of Conversation

queen of the road_full3.  Master of the Roads.  I’m sure many of the lads will disagree with this – but you know what – I don’t care.  Once you can drive on the roads of Mumbai – you  automatically qualify to become a Road Master; and if you SURVIVE (and I’ve managed 2.5 years now) then damn that sure hell gives me the right to call myself the Master of the Roads.   And I couldn’t do it without my trusty side-kick Storm :)  On a serious front; I qualified amongst my guy friends to ‘race’ with them on the roads of Dubai (aah memories) – and till date none of them have an issue with me getting behind the wheels of their cars.

4.  Master of My Kitchen.  That was when I had my own kitchen ! I’m living at home after about 8 years; and in the past 2 years I have not entered the familyqueen of the ktichen kitchen only ‘cos my mom is so paranoid that I’ll mess something up.  Besides – I don’t really ‘feel’ the kitchen so much.  When I lived in London and Montreal – I was the master of my kitchen.  My Sunday brunches in Montreal were famous on my floor and it was an open house.  The menu comprised of French Toast with cinnamon & maple syrup; fluffy mixed omelets; bacon strips / sausages; cereals; a variety of juices.  Considering I’m a vegetarian – I’ve made a fantastic Xmas Dinner for my flat mate and long time school friend EG when we were in London.  There’s the romantic side of me that will even go on to cook a divine meal for my partner.  Yup – done that too. 

The only thing I avoid in my kitchen is desserts – because I love them too much and I would be totally heart broken if a dessert I made didn’t come out correctly.  So I rather savour the yummy tastes of professional desserts =) And also because I’ve realised that I lose my appetite once I cook – and who the hell wants to miss out on dessert.

5.  Master of Getting Things Done.  I still prefer the way the Fabulous Bitch has expressed herself on this .. some people may call it manipulation; I reckon its just the way one is able to delegate and get things done the right way at the right time.  In my line of work – its a necessity ! And trust me – Bombay is not an easy place to try and get work sorted ! Every body is so laid back and blasé about schedules – deadlines don’t exactly exist for the majority of people; and it’s frustrating as hell to have to constantly go back and forth.  At this stage in my life – I know who to call and when to call – and how to get my work done.  

6.  Master of (almost all) Trades.  Ok so this one is a bit cocky and slightly up myself .. but … given the chance, I could master anything and everything I actually wanted to.  I know my strengths and my weaknesses; I play up my strengths and work on bettering my weaknesses.  I’ve put my hands in many a pie – and its resulted in me doing a bit of this and a bit of that .. after all variety is the spice of life :)

ist2_347595-karate-chopAnd now it’s time for the awards to be handed out … I’m including Twitter Id’s and Blogs in that order so that you have absolutely no excuse not to follow these awesome Karate Champs !

Drum Roll Please ….

  1. The Fabulous Bitch absolutely deserves this one right back at her.  After all she’s my BBBFF !  Her Story for Every Picture series just bowl me over and leave me wondering where she finds the words to so aptly describe something most of can’t even begin to form into a sentence.
  2. Jollof who is The Crazy Nigerian …. He’s been a regular over at Sporadic Reflections from the time I first entered the neighbourhood.  He’s funny; smart; a banker; and his blog always cracks me up.  It’s a mesh of thoughts that captivate you and leave you wanting more.
  3. Fishy who believes there is Plenty More Fish Out of Water … if you don’t piss yourself laughing at his various escapades then you don’t have a sense of humour (at least not an English one).  Yup he’s a fellow Englishman and I raise the flag in your honour !
  4. Bombchell better known as Atlanta’s Sexiest Geek has got the boom-boom-pow ! once you check out her swagger there’s no copying that now ! I guess all the Karate moves reminded of me of this sexy lady. 
  5. Moxie who dishes out some fab relationship advice; tells you that’s why you’re single;  throws dirt at ya and knows how to handle her business ! She’s articulate, and her words have the power of those karate brick chops ! Have you got Moxie baby ?
  6. And lastly I have to hand over the power punches to One Sassy Girl who is a Hot Piece of Sass !!! Need I say more ??

If you fancy checking out some more uber funky bloggers – do check out the Swank Bloggers who Give Good Blog; The Awesome Girl Bloggers, The Bitch Fab Bloggers, and The Beautiful Bloggers

I hope you enjoy these Karate Experts as much as I do – and once you get to know them – you’ll understand why they are the best kinda friends to have around.  They’re gonna save your ass one of these days ! hahaha


Plentymorefishoutofwater said...

Woop woop - thanks for this and well done yourself!

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

Ah, thank you so much for 'pimping' me! You shouldn't have,.. you could have just called me a bitch. Ok, that was a lie. We all know I am the vainest of them all!

Thanks for kicking it back to me... I will just forward it on cause I'm all mastered out.

So, you are a whiz with pictures and you are not helping me out? That is not nice! I am forever looking for pictures for my series. Hint: HELP?

I am always in awe when I read about people who are great in the kitchen. Cause I can't imagine that there are people who actually would do the cooking and like it unless they get paid for it. Cooking, in my mind, is just hard labour.

Dazediva said...

@ Fishy ... I'm doing the jig; are you :P Glad you came by :)

@ WSG .. hahaha well you know I was actually thinking of putting you in touch with my boy JA who has some really stunning albeit trippy photographs .. he's won a few competitions etc. I think you will like his style. takes a bit of time to load as its all flash; but print screen should help getting the images.

My culinary skills developed for the soul purpose of my survival ! I'd never cooked before entering university LOL

N.C said...

Congratulations!!!!im now dazed and amazed too at how many awards uve bagged for yourself!is that why they didnt invite you to the oscars???you scared them away with all dem kungfu moves you got!(I jus wanted to say makes me and you sound cool-er:)....I know there is a difference between karate and kungfu)damn them anyways you just won your own awards!now we're talkin talent!:)im sorry I have been MIA for sooo long:(..I know missed a lot bout you(hmmm considering we spend almost every frickin livin second of our lives together)but hey atleast I got to the best of your blogs!!I 2nd all the Master Blaster points you have earned yourself...I'd like to add one to that list, consider it as a BROWNIE POINT : Master of bearing with over-bearing NC coz of MG ISSUES! Kudos and Adios Miss Karateka!!

P.S: lovvvveee the mentions i get in most of your some indirect way it makes me a winner too!

crazynigerian said...

I dunno what to say...but thank u for the comp. Coming from the Master I am honoured :)

Cupcake Mama said...

Best blog award EVER!! Now, as a huge Always Sunny fan, I need to get nominated!!! Congrats~*~

Dazediva said...

@ NC .. I'm impressed that you finally made it over and even left a comment :P considering your busted laptop & the useless excuse of a blackberry that you have .. I'll forgive you :P See no matter how much time you spend with me, there's something that will slip and you won't know :P so you must aim to spend 24/7 with me from hence forth or else I'll bust a karate chop at ya !

@ CrazyNigerian .. haaaaaaaaaiiii yaaaaaaaaa ! *think of a karate expert shouting those words* .. now you better keep coming back for more young man !

@ Kate .. thanks so much hon :) I loved the pics from your home photo story ! And don't worry - I nominate you for this award :) cos you kiss ass in my bloggy world :)