Diva in Dubai

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I’ve only just come back from a glorious two week vacation in Dubai … I was only meant to go for a a few days and just ended up extending my trip each time.  For those of you who’re new to my blog; I’m a potpourri of cultures – and spent my childhood growing up in Dubai.  It’s been about 1.5 year since I’ve been back and about 8 years since my family moved from there – but it’s still ‘home’ for me.

Words cannot describe just how I felt about my holiday – and hence I’m just going to share a few photographs with you to take you through my journey :)


The very modern hotel room for the first 4 nights of the holiday.  Freaked NC out when I told her there was no separate shower ! She’d already made plans of kicking me out of the room for privacy during bath hours haha

             P2180168 P2180191

The Burj Khalifa is truely a stunning tower and sight to gawk at.

P2180188 P2180190

Some of the views from outside Dubai Mall in the evening.



We went out to the Nassimi Beach which is a part of the Atlantis hotel and watched Cafe Del Mar perform live ! Spent a few hours at this super chilled out party and honestly I didn’t want to leave ! 

P2210018P2190016Went to this lovely cafe restaurant which overlooked the fountains outside Dubai Mall called Zahr El-Laymoun .. the food was to die for !

The coffee was served in the traditional way – loved the pot ! The juices were served in mini pitchers (that’s carrot juice in the photo below. !  And the shisha pipes were quite pretty and matched the colour theme of the entire restaurant.


P2240047 P2240053 The above two pics are from the Madinat Jumeirah – super chilled out; where you can go and grab some coffee; shisha; and a few drinks.  There are various restaurants scattered across here overlooking the water front.

  P2270001 P2270008

The last few days I crashed over at my aunts place in the Palms Jumeriah.  That’s the view from out of my room window.  On the left side is the pool and the beach ! It felt great to be able to open the lounge sliding doors and walk straight out to the pool and within 5 feet you can get to the beach.

And before I forget – you must see some of the new friends I made whilst out there … can’t wait to see them again !

P2220116P2220115 P2220191 P2220113

P2220174 P2220260

I met all these cool creatures over at the Dubai Aquarium ! It’s a must visit if you ever make a trip out there.  You even get the option of going snorkeling with the sharks ! or if you prefer to be safe – then you can take a ride on a glass bottom boat.

There you have it … my holiday snaps.  I have LOTS more … but they just involve lots of alcohol ! hahah


Anonymous said...

one word : WOW!!! ;)

cafe del mar, the food, the shisha, the views...aaaaah!!! :)
& ofcourse not to forget the "modern" shower! :P

never been to dubai, but this totally makes me want to jump onto the next flight!! :)

PS: cafe del mar, yes im still jazzed abt that :P


Dazediva said...

@ Prutha .. you must must must visit Dubai .. it's a paradise .. you'll never want to leave it (that's just how I feel) .. I even got LIVE video of Cafe Del Mar performing !!! will post it up :)

Bombchell said...

wow!!! next time pls put me in ur purse :)

Dazediva said...

@ Bombchell ... good thing I carry spacious bags (yeah I'm with the fashion trends) - I think you can fit in there too :) have you ever been ? its such a fun place ! one of my favourite cities in the world

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

I am jealous! Damn jealous,.. looks AWESOME!

crazynigerian said...

I like the pics alot(especially the food...yum). I've been to Dubai twice already and I would love to go again. There's just so much to see and to do. I only have 8days of my annual leave left this year. Better make the most of it I suppose!

Dazediva said...

@ WSG .. this isn't even a quarter of the pics I've taken .. you're on my FB - check them out - 5 albums of the trip !!! and you can see my cute outfits too hehehe

@ CrazyNigerian .. isn't it a wicked city ? when was the last time you were there ? and how many days holiday to you get ? make a trip there or come to India !! Bombay & Goa calling dude :P