Would You Call Me An Awesome Girl ?

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I am totally borrowing this title from The Fabulous Bitch over at The Joys of My Splintered Life In Small Town … this sassy woman thinks that I (yes ME) am an ‘awesome girl’ ! AND she gave me an Award ! woooohoooo !

awesomegirl award 

She wrote this about me :

Sporadic Reflections
Have you seen her avatar? Yeah. I like me a girl who can down a shot. I love Dazediva. I am imagining her as a good girl, but who has a naughty wild side. I am also imagining her as an exotic beauty. Yep, I sort of have a girl crush on her!
Dazediva is also such a sweet blogger who is always checking up on my blog. Just to see if it is still alive

I’ve been meaning to thank her for a while now – actually since 4th October but my life has literally been on a roller coaster ride so I hope she’ll accept my apologies and just remember that I can be pretty awesome when I’m not feeling totally mind-f**ked !

I really do love my shots (vodka, B52’s, flaming lambourghinis, Tequila & Tabasco – I’m happy with all sorts of shots  other than whiskey or beer) and am proud of the fact that I could probably drink most guys under the table ! 

I suppose in some ways I’m a ‘good girl’ .. actually I am … with a super naughty streak and wild side too =) damn Ms Fab you’ve really got me pegged down haven’t you ???

Like The Fabulous Bitch, most of the time – I don’t think of myself as a ‘girl’ and I’m most definitely not a ‘girly girl’ either … Since this is my blog and I am allowed to indulge in some self-praise – I like to think of myself as a pretty sexy tom-boy girl hehe Some of my guy mates have suggested that I ooze sex appeal without being super girly about it and I pride myself on that =) 

So I’m quite content with everyone thinking of me as an exotic beauty *hint*hint* after all my cheek bones are to die for ;) but on a more serious note – I was voted ‘Best Cheek Bones’ in high school amongst a few other things … As I’ve mentioned before – I’m a potpourri when it comes to my upbringing – and somehow I feel it might have rubbed off on me wherein my ‘looks’ are concerned … I hardly ever get told that I’m fully Indian – I tend to have people think of me as mixed race … I’ve gotten Arab, Turkish, Indian-Latin, half African and even Ethiopian (when I had string braids in my hair spiked with blue!).

Ok enough self-praise and babble on my end (although you were probably secretly enjoying it) … And now it’s time to give out this award to some awesome girls ! *drum rolls*

WhiteSockGirl … and it’s not because she’s given me an award but because this girl tells it like it is – there is no room for the fainthearted at her blog ;) so make sure you check out Splintered Life

Bombchell with a name like that and blog that is just as feisty – she is definitely the most awesome girl in Atlanta !  Her blog explores her wild side, her first video blog, and the latest fashion trends .. check out her boots ! daaamn !

Simone Grant of Sex Lies & Dating in the City … her blog was one of the first few blogs I started reading that got me hooked instantly; she’s a consistent blogger – and I find it fascinating how one person is able to put so many thoughts and actions into words that create a lasting image into the reader … Not only does she take the time to respond to all her comments and readers – but she was sweet enough to check-in on me when I disappeared for my rafting holiday … so no surprise that she is an awesome girl blogger !

Nipsy a.k.a. Nipplelicious … I’ve been lurking around her blog for a few weeks – maybe even 3 months now and am amazed at how she just ‘goes with the flow’ … you have to read her blog and it will leave you laughing so hard and you’ll always remember her when you think of a motel style hotel !

Lost Plum … Another amazing blogger who I haven’t given enough credit too .. Discovered her blog via Simone’s and have been kinda hooked here as well.  Her writing style is ‘direct’ ! And her post titles just crack me up ! She’s definitely an awesome girl :)

Miss Teerious Kaddu … aaah this a blogger who has saved me from being a technical html failure ! She’s a computer wiz and when it came down to me putting up my blog awards – I could think of no one else but her to get some coding work ! And she never let me down either – instant response ! Go check her out if you haven’t already.

Miss Malini .. she’s someone I’ve not mentioned here before and I should have … this young lady is a radio jockey; a writer for one of the Mumbai papers and has an endless supply of local Mumbai & Bollywood gossip for you.  I’m fortunate enough to know her as a person (prior to acquiring knowledge of her mini celeb status) .. also helps that she has one of the few English radio shows in Mumbai ! so yeah – she’s pretty awesome =) 

Girls – you are truly awesome in your own individual ways and I’m glad to have discovered you through the blogosphere !

That’s all from me folks – I think I’ve given you enough awesome girls to go and check out .. literally ! So go for it and drop me your thoughts on what you think about their blogs … and whilst you are at it – show them some comment lurve too =)


Ellie said...

Thank you for linking to these lovely women... I'm off to do some reading!

LOSTPLUM said...

aww..I'm blushing! Thank you so much for the kind little words, I too am glad I have your blog in my reading blogosphere too....YOU ROCK LADY, I raise my shot glass to you, to all us non "girly girls"!

Dazediva said...

@ Ellie - hope you enjoy the reading, these girls are 'awesome' :) and stick around 'cos my next post has something for you :P

@ LostPlum .. so what shot are we having tonight then ?? I haven't given you as much credit as deserved as was having a hard time trying to say it 'right' .. but you know what I mean right ? it'll be too mushy any other way :P

WhiteSockGirl aka The Fabulous Bitch said...

damn Ms Fab you’ve really got me pegged down haven’t you ??

Of course, I am dammmnnn fabulous like that!

You are a girl, and you are awesome!

MissMalini said...

Thank you madame diva I feel all special now :) I owe drinks, I too love shots lets party!

nipsy said...

Awww thank you so much!! Coming from someone who barely has time to appreciate the blogs I love let alone comment much lately, this means a lot to me!!

Alright, perhaps I'm more excited than I should be, but come on, I work in the Horror Hotel, what can I say...


Simone Grant said...

Wow! Thanks so much, darling. I'm honored. Hope you're having an amazing week.

Dazediva said...

@ WSG .. you are truly Fabulous :)

@ MissMalini .. shots it is - lemme know when and where and we'll go and hit the town :)

@ Nipsy .. I'm so glad you are ditching the Horror Hotel and moving on ! I'm still gonna be dropping by to get my Nipplelicious dosage so stay awesome :)

@ Simone .. You honour me by coming by my blog :) how's the long trip going ?

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